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Dawn Souluvn Williams & Derrick Ricky Nelson "It's a man's world (nothing)" (AceBeat Music Promo)

Don't miss out on this truly outstanding and special release by Dawn Souluvn Williams and Derrick Ricky Nelson who join forces to present a mind-boggling four-to-the-floor remake of James Brown's 1966 classic "It's a man's world". To make it short, Dawn Souluvn Williams inimitable haunting vocals truly shine on this soulful and inspiring production laced with wicked guitars, luscious keys and a spell binding funked-up musical backing.

Tomby featuring Ayanda Nhlangoth "Ubizo lwami" (Union Records Promo)

Courtesy of German DJ/producer Tomby (Thomas Baier) comes "Ubizo lwami", a collaboration with vocalist Ayanda Nhlangoth out now on promo on Union Records. To cut right tot he chase, "Ubizo lwami" is a top-notch afro influenced production with relentlessly thumpin' rhythms leading the way for entrancing synth melodies and the unique vocal stylings of Ayanda Nhlangoth.

Ron Pullman presents Shannon Chambers featuring Lester Jenkins "Back II life" (Remixes)(Makin' Moves Promo)

In march of this year, we introduced you to "Back II life" by Chicago's Shannon Chambers, a glamorous soulful production laced with the glorious deeply felt vocals of Lester Jenkins. Now this gem returns in brand new truly dazzling interpretations by Kai Alce who adds his magical and truly beloved jazz infused touch, and Shannon Chambers himself who serves an infectious yet soulful and organic rework.

Tamia "So into you" (Ezel Classic Remix)(Promo)

In recent months, more and more (independent) artists, producers and labels have created a presence on Bandcamp, many of which offer their tracks and releases exclusively through the platform. There are many gems to discover, including this towering re-imagination of Tamia's 1998 r&b classic "So into you" by Ezel who transforms the song into an expertly crafted truly enthralling yet soulful and melodious four-to-the-floor gem.

Cafe 432 featuring Joy Malcolm "Why?" (Soundstate Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Soundstate Records is the magnificent "Why?" by Cafe 432 (aka Jonsey and Kevin McPherson) and songstress Joy Malcolm. Without doubt, Cafe 432 have been pulling out all the stops and grace us with a memorable soulful production oozing with the amazing vocals of Joy Malcolm, mellifluous keys, lovely guitars and a smooth yet captivating rich organic backdrop.

DJ Randall Smooth & Ms. Yazz ROAR "God wants you to pay attention" (ChiNola Soul Promo)

Out soon through ChiNola Soul is Ms. Yazz ROAR's "God wants you to pay attention" produced by the team of DJ Randall Smooth and DJ Wakeel Ali. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the irresistibly thumpin' unadulterated underground-esque rhythms together with the inebriant galactical synth melodies and the deeply movin' spoken word poetry of Ms. Yazz ROAR will cast a spell on you...

Drexmeister featuring Roxanne Bourne "Truth" (Solitone Music Promo)

Coming soon to Solitone Music is the marvelous "Truth" a collaboration by Jasper 'Drexmeister' Drexhage  with songstress Roxanne Bourne. The original is an uplifting soulful production featuring the incredible vocals of Roxanne Bourne, lush keys and a groovy organic backdrop. Courtesy of Dwight Brown comes a tantalizing deep'n'moody rendition perfect for late night play, and the we have Nero Grey dropping a sophisticated electronica remix.

The Soulfriends "Don't give up" (Jazz In Da House Records Promo)

Up-and-coming Jazz In Da House Records have a beauty in their hands with the uplifting "Don't give up" by The Soulfriends (the trio of producer/musician/composer Pietro Nicosia, singer Aurora and songwriter Giada). In short, "Don't give up" oozing with the beautiful vocals of Aurora, illustrious jazzed-up keys, charming guitars and a rich organic backdrop is sheer musical bliss... The mellifluous instrumental 'Jazz Guitar Soul Mix' puts the glorious guitar solo by Pietro Nicosia center stage.