This week we have quite a diverse selection for you... enjoy !!

Kym Sims "One of those nights" (CD Promo)

Legendary house music songstress Kym Sims, revered for her unforgettable vocal performances on the Steve 'Silk' Hurley produced house music classics "Too blind to see it" and "Take my advise" released in 1991 and 1992 respectively, returns with a true underground house music gem produced by Deep Elementz. The breathtaking "One of those nights" combines Kym Sims unmistakable deeply rooted vocals with Deep Elementz beloved pristine utterly soulful underground flavored house rhythms and supremely melodious keys - the result is a truly mind-blowing deep'n'soulful house music gem oozing with an enchanting underground-esque vibe guaranteed to send shivers down your spine...

Pirahnahead featuring Abby B. "Celebrate" (The Abicah Soul Remixes)(WhasDat Music CD Promo)

WhasDat Music bring back "Celebrate" by label head Pirahnahead and songstress Abby B, one of their most celebrated releases dating back to spring 2011, in amazing re-imaginations by the one and only Abicah Soul who adds his signature deep glamorous touch to the song. The result is simply awe-inspiring, with Abby B's emotive vocals together with the ethereal synth melodies, grand piano and deep spell binding rhythms spreading a mesmerizing feel you can't resist to dance to.

Exclusive Preview: Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks "The light" (Fabrizio Colasanti Drum and Bass Bootleg)(CD-R)

Not many words are needed to describe this beauty by Fabrizio Colasanti who graces us with an utterly groovey stripped back rework of Jamie Lewis & Michelle Weeks' 2002 anthem "The light" as truly hypnotizing percussive rhythms and a funky as hell bassline put Michelle Week's haunting vocals to full effect - jam-packed floors guaranteed. Nuff said.

Dirty Harry "The Jazz Junction EP" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

Legendary producer Dirty Harry aka Harry St. Clare is back with the heavenly "The Jazz Junction EP" which features four equally stylish and beautiful jazz/funk infused productions - beyond the shadow of a doubt, each of these adorable classy musical gems is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine thanks to smooth yet fervid backdrops, exquisite jazzy keys and sweet guitars, not to forget to mention the illustrious sax. Highly recommended.

Various "The Rough Materials - Volume Two" (Roots Go Deep Music CD Promo) 

Back in July of last year, we introduced you to "The Rough Materials - Volume One", the debut release of South African label Roots Go Deep Music. Now the label presents the second installment in the series, similar to its predecessor this EP features nothing but the best of real deep underground house of South Africa. Each of the five included productions by Ground Wires Ensemble, Thando Msiza, Tebogo Mailula, Tebatso Blue Malapile and So-Pitch will take you on a journey to deepest imaginable territory - the unadulterated raw deepness of these ingenious fresh tracks is guaranteed to put a spell on you...

IndySoul "Drifting in time" (Part 2)(We Go Deep Records CD Promo)

We keep the vibe deep with these brand new and fresh perspectives of Carl 'IndySoul' Guerrard's enticing "Drifting in time" originally released in March of this year. Each of these fascinating re-imaginations by Luka, Gene King and IndySoul & Esan Ellis take the entrancing spoken words to a whole new level, together with the deeper than deep truly spell binding rhythms and inebriant melodies they take you on a bewitching excursion to deepest grounds you wish would never end...

Micky More & Andy Tee "One more time" (Street of Soul Recordings CD Promo)

Street of Soul label honcho Micky More joins forces with Andy Tee, together they bring us an uplifting slice of Disco/Funk infused house music guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. "One more time" makes clever use of the Average White Band classic "Let's go round again" from 1980, working the main vocal chorus to full effect over an irresistible funk soaked backdrop. Andy Tee and Micky More contribute one version each, both of these a sure-fire dance floor bombs...