review logoWith the summer coming to an end soon, we keep the heat on with a packed update... enjoy !!

Andrea Curato & Richelle Hicks "One step closer" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Andrea Curato joins forces with songstress Richelle Hicks for the magnificent "One step closer" soon to be released through Cool Staff Records. To make a long story short, this soulful and truly lively production with gentle yet compelling rhythms leading the way for sumptuous jazzed-up keys, heavenly chords and Richelle Hicks amazing spirited vocals is not to be missed...

Luxury Productions (The New Crew) "Love is the only way" (Corey Holmes Remixes)(New Generation Records Promo)

In 1992, Cassio Ware and Larry P. Rauson gave us the timeless "Love is the only way" (released on "DJ's on Vinyl Volume 3"), later that year the track got a full 12" release with he lyrics performed in grand style by Velma Charleston. Now this all-time house music classic returns in fresh interpretations by Corey Holmes who takes the track to a whole different level by injecting his magical truly soulful and melodious underground-esque touch. Also included in the package is the wonderful 'Original Classic Mix'.

Yvette Simone "Won't he do it" (HouseWerQ Recordings Promo)

Out now on promo on HouseWerQ Recordings are the stunning Derrick Ricky Nelson & Sir Charles Dixon interpretation of Yvette Simone's  beautiful "Won't he do it" (taken from her mini-album "All the glory belongs to god"). Undoubtedly, these inspiring and verily soulful remixes which combine Yvette Simone's incredible r&b/gospel tinged vocals with grand jazzy keys, ethereal chords and an infectious funked-up backdrop will make you yearn for  more...

Blast from the Past: Stinger J "Pretty face" (Isle of Jura Records Promo)

Isle of Jura Records take us back in time to 1987 with the re-issue of "Pretty face" by Stinger J, a one-time alias used by Detroit producer Kevin McCord (formerly of legendary r&b/funk band One Way). The original 12" vinyl on Chance Records has become highly sought after in recent years, now this rather obscure but unforgotten and timeless house music classic featuring the incomparable vocals of Jonathan Haywood returns both in digital and vinyl format, with the gorgeously soulful "Wonder land" found on the b-side of the original release included as well.

Beyonce "My power" (Baby Powder Afro Drums Mix)(Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)

More and more labels/DJ/producers release their music through Bandcamp first (some even exclusively), as is the case with this dope DJ Punch & Kelly Kel rework of Beyonce's "My power". To make it short, DJ Punch & Kelly Kel's hypnotizing afrocentric interpretation keeps the spirit of the original alive yet transforms the song into a fervid four-to-the-floor banger sure to send the dancers into a frenzy...

MoBlack featuring Stevo Atambire "Mawine" (Remixes)(MoBlack Records Promo)

MoBlack Records continue to push the boundaries of afro house music with the forthcoming unquestionably wicked "Mawine" by label head MoBlack (Mimmo Falcone) and vocalist Stevo Atambire. Most definitely, both Cosmo & Kramer and Lehar & Musumeci deliver very unique absolutely mesmerizing interpretations which let the distinctive vocal stylings of Stevo Atambire shine while showcasing their unparalleled approach to afro house music.

Echo Deep & Elias Kazais featuring Viiiictor May "Vuka" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Coming soon to Pasqua Records is "Vuka" a collaboration by Echo Deep and Elias Kazais with vocalist Viiiictor May. Certainly, this soulful and melodious yet downright hypnotizing afro house production featuring the unequaled vocals of Viiiictor May alongside entrancing synth melodies and inexorable deeply groovin' rhythms is guaranteed to ignite dance floors around the globe.

Dawn Souluvn Williams "All I do" (Souluvn Entertainment Promo)

Once again, Dawn Souluvn Williams graces us with a formidable cover version of a timeless classic: Stevie Wonder's "All I do" (from his 1980 album "Hotter than July"). Without doubt, this Jerry C. King produced re-imagination oozing with the inimitable haunting vocals of Dawn Souluvn Williams, sublime jazzy keys, galactical pads and intriguing rhythms stays true and respectful to the original yet gives the song a vibrant contemporary feel.

Shino Blackk "Slave" (New Generation Records Promo)

Courtesy of DJ/producer Shino Blackk comes "Slave" an indisputably mesmerizing track sampling  Grace Jones 1975 club anthem  "Slave to the rhythm" to full effect. Quite simply, this phat track fusing Grace Jones memorable vocals and the recognizable synth melodies with enchanting keys and deep enthralling rhythms is destined to take over dance floors by storm...