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Soulem featuring Mbuso "Choices" (Iklwa Brothers Music CD Promo)

Wow, what an impressive soul infused afro-deep production Iklwa Brother Music are blessing us with... "Choices" by Soulem (Thokozani Oscar Mnyandu) is sheer musical bliss, featuring the beautiful emotive vocals of Mbuso Magubane, sublime jazzy keys, ethereal chords and an illustrious organ over deeply groovin absolutely irresistible rhythms, altogether spreading an enthralling feel you can't resist to dance to.

D'bra Powell "Living all alone (I can't stand it)" (AtWork Soul Records CD Promo)

From Chi Town songstress D'bra Powell comes an awe-inspiring Luis 'Loowee R' Rivera produced remake of Phyllis Hyman's wonderful "Living all alone (I can't stand it)" (the title track of Phyllis Hyman's seventh album released in 1986). Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this incredible uplifting 4/4 re-imagination using a groovey musical backing as playground for D'bra Powell's amazing passionate vocals, sweet guitar, grandiose keys and heavenly chords is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine...

Soul Slayerz "A mother's tongue" (Global Diplomacy Productions CD Promo)

Ever since being launched in fall 2014, Global Diplomacy Productions have been going from strength to strength, continuing their streak of success with the latest offering "A mother's tongue" by Soul Slayerz aka the duo of seasoned DJ's/producers Tayo Wink and Hakeem Syrbram. Quite simply, "A mother's tongue" is an incredibly sexy and tantalizing slice of underground goodness guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy through the merciless tribal-esque rhythms and wicked spoken words. Label head N'Dinga Gaba contributes a mind-blowing edit of the track enriched with exhilarating synth melodies which intensify the vibe to the max.

Matthew Yates "Smiling faces" (HSR Records CD Promo)

Another week, another blazin' hot new release from up and rising HSR Records. This time around, Matthew Yates makes his debut on the label with "Smiling faces", an utterly contaminous production built around resistlessly thumpin' rhythms, catchy piano hooks, dreamy synth melodies, classy horns and Matthew Yates deeply felt vocals. Guido P adds his magical touch to the track, dropping an inexorably groovin' rework sure to set the floor on fire.

DJ Funky T featuring Lady Mya "The beast in you" (Part 2)(DeepStitched Records CD Promo)

A year ago, DeepStitched Records released the marvelous truly deepalicious "The beast in you" by DJ Funk T which features Lady Mya's tantalizing spoken word poetry, now part two loaded with scintillating remixes is here. Phasen's rework is a cosmologic journey to deepest imaginable grounds, from Tojami Sessions comes a wicked Nu-Disco flavored deep house rendition oozing with an uber cool sexy feeling, Jelly for the Babies delivers a deep'n'moody remix that is utterly mesmerizing, and finally La Rose serves a hypnotizingly deep raw'n'gritty workout.

Traxx Pick #1: Namy "Gipsy woman" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Japanese artist Namy presents a truly ingenious instrumental re-imagination of 1991 all-time house music anthem "Gypsy woman" produced by legendary The Basement Boys and performed by house music diva Crystal Waters. The original version oozes with Namy's signature classic truly melodious sound, Luyo reworks the track into a seductive tribaltastic affair, and lastly Quietboy takes the track to deeper grounds on his inebriant workout.

Traxx Pick #2: Luciano Gioia "Pacifico" (Soulstice Music CD Promo)

A couple of months ago, Luciano Gioia graced us with his phantasmagorical album "Free your mind" (released through Double Cheese Records), now he is back with "Pacifico" a truly breathtaking production spreading an inspirational summery vibe through the phenomenal organ ride and infectious organic backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Mark Di Meo whose old skool flavored interpretation introduces thrilling percussive rhythms, while Luis Radio combines the organ with a splendiferous piano and smoothly stompin' rhythms.

TCM featuring Marc Evans "Felt like heaven" (MuSol Recordings CD Promo)

Forthcoming on MuSol Recordings is "Felt like heaven" by TCM (one half of Groove CarteLL) and renowned vocalist Marc Evans, most definitely this feel-good production will send the floor into a frenzy thanks to mercilessly pulsating rhythms, entrancing synth melodies and Marc Evans unrivaled heartfelt vocals. Frankstar has been pulling out all the stops on his fabulous piano laden interpretation, letting Marc Evans vocals shine in full glory. Other remixes included are courtesy of Bollo, Wade Teo and Kentaro Takizawa, each one destined to take over the dance floor.

The Scientists of Sound featuring Kym Sims "When U look" (Remixes)(4th Quarter Music CD Promo)

In summer of last year, we introduced you to the original mixes of "When U look" by The Scientists of Sound (aka Roberto Reale and Fabio Giunta), now this beauty featuring the unrivaled vocals of legendary house music vocalist Kym Sims returns in brand new remixes. Frankstar contributes a truly uplifting and inspiring rework fueled with gorgeous piano, dreamy chords and a dulcet backing, Neapolitan Soul serves a glorious sun drenched rendition laced with lovely guitar and an organic backdrop, and last but not least there is Niko Favata with his delectable chilled effort.