Welcome to 2013 with this eclectic seletion of soulful tunes... enjoy !!

Richard Earnshaw featuring Natasha Watts "Won't let go" (The Remixes)(Duffnote Records CD Promo)

In June of last year, Duffnote Records dropped the soultastic "Won't let go" by Richard Earnshaw and songstress Natasha Watts. Now the time has come for part two which features slammin' remixes by Richard Earnshaw himself who turns the heat up on his spell binding remix which combines Natasha Watts' outstanding vocals with luscious melodies and fiercely groovin' rhythms, while Groove Junkies' Evan Landes takes the song to deeper grounds, using mesmerizing melodies and intoxicating rhythms to create a relentless vibe you can't resist to dance to.

Mangesto featuring Ashya Roberts "Runaway" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Tribe Records kick off 2013 with "Runaway" by UK based music writer and producer Mangesto and up and rising songstress Ashya Roberts - to make it short: this a soulful gem having timeless written all over... Ashya Roberts impresses with her sultry rendition of the lyrics which are accompanied with sublime keys and a deep groovey backing - sheer musical bliss... On remix duty we have Ezel who adds his unique touch, taking the song to a whole new level, giving it a deeper more intense feel. The final package will also include a remix by DJ Qness.

Steven Stone & Simon Green "You changed my mind" (Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo)

Throughout 2012, Steven Stone and his Soul Deluxe label blessed us with nothing but the best in soulful house music, and their latest offering "You changed my mind" continues this tradition. Not much needs to be said about this beauty - Simon Green's deeply rooted vocals together with the with grand piano, lush keys and an utterly contaminous funked-up backing make this an uplifting sure-fire floor anthem guaranteed to make you yearn for more... Nuff said.

DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment present "Baby Powder Traxx EP Vol. 2" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Back in September of last year, we were celebrating DJ Punch's "The Baby Powder Trax EP", now the second volume is here and what a musical treat this is... First DJ Punch teams up with Flip Entertainment to rework two wonderful down-tempo songs for the soulful house floors, namely "Rocket love" by Stevie Wonder and "Nothing even matters" by Lauren Hill, with the result being simply breathtaking. Next is a wicked alternate version of their remix of RescuePoetix' "Soul-diers of House", not to forget to mention three blazin' hot original productions featuring cool vocals and keys from guest artists B.O.P and J-Shon - each of these tracks is guaranteed to set the floor on fire...

Exclusive Preview: Slik Walker "She's so lovely" (Slik Soul Vox)(Night Scope Deep Records CD Promo)

Hot on the heels of the labels debut release "I need to dance" by Sugah Lyrics comes the next bomb from Night Scope Deep Records as label owner Deep Elementz is pulling out all the stops to grace us with a phenomenal slice of pristine soulful underground house music which brings back memories from the past when house was still house. "She's so lovely" features beautiful heartfelt vocals by the one and only Slik Walker together with warm melodious keys over deep'n'smooth yet infectious percussive rhythms - a timeless soulful gem by no means to be missed...

Don Carlos featuring Michelle Weeks  "Take me higher" (Submantra & DJ Umbi Remix)(Soul Departure Records CD Promo)

The third release on Italian label Soul Departure brings back the classic Don Carlos production "Take me higher" which was originally released back in 2003 on IRMA Unlimited. The uplifting song which features the inimitable vocals by legendary Michelle Weeks is taken to the next level by Submantra & DJ Umbi who deliver two equally fantastic interpretations. First up is the 'Soulful Vocal Mix', a classic soul/funk inspired rendition combining the deeply felt vocals with grand keys, jazzy horns and a fierce funk soaked backing. Next is the 'Deep Side Mix' which is spreading a mesmerizing feel through utterly deep relentlessly stormin' rhythms and luscious melodies.

DJ Taco "The ghost" (Drum Records CD Promo)

Drum Records bring back DJ Taco's wicked sax track "The ghost" released back in the day on Maya Records (you might not be aware but we did a review here on Spirit of House in September 2002). The release features four brand new slammin' remixes. First up we have Carlos Vargas' jazz-tastic rendition guaranteed to send shivers down your spine with its sublime jazzy keys and organic rhythms. Next is Mark Di Meo's fervid workout perfect for prime time play, then we have Placidic Dream who delivers a classic interpretation laced with a wonderful blues guitar and sexy vocal sample, and finally Sartarelli drops an ingenious 70's disco infused Nu-Disco version guaranteed to jam-pack the floor...

Grooveboy "Ain't gonna stop" (Grooveboy Music CD Promo)

Originally featured on the "Ocean Drive Sessions Vol. 2" compilation which was released in time for last years Winter Music Conference by Open Bar Music, the beautiful "Ain't gonna stop" marks the first release by Grooveboy for 2013. First up is the deeply groovin' 'Original Mix' which is spreading an uplifting sun drenched feel through warm percussive rhythms, Antoinette Dunleavy's deeply rooted vocals and gorgeous melodies. Next we have the 'Deep Down & Dirty Mix' which takes the track to deepest grounds, with enchanting ethereal melodies and infectious rhythms intensifying the vibe to the max.

Various "Sandisco Sampler Vol. 1" (Sandisco Recordings CD Promo)

We proudly introduce you to Sandisco Recordings, a brand new UK based label co-founded by Myles Chalmers and Malik Fulsoul born out of the desire to bring new emerging and established artists together to create a fresh sound for today's dance floors. The labels inaugural release, the "Sandisco Sampler Vol. 1", is kicked off by Doc Link's "Music 101" which is built around energetic rhythms, hypnotizing melodies and cool vocal snippets. Next is the groovey "Rollin'" by Soulplate oozing with melodious keys and a warm funk soaked backdrop. Last but not least we have the deepalicious utterly soulful yet truly mesmerizing "Choices you make" by PhatFrank which combines sultry vocals by LaVeda with glorious melodies and spell binding rhythms.

Tortured Soul "Dirty" (TSTC Records CD Promo)

Tortured Soul are back stronger than ever with the lead single to their forthcoming EP scheduled for release in spring as they bless us with "Dirty", a phenomenal timeless slice of soulful music oozing with John-Christian Ulrich's inimitable voice, classy keys and funky rhythms in the loungey 'Live Mix'. The euphoric 'Original Mix' takes the song straight to the dance floor with celestial synth melodies and a smoothly stompin' backdrop, while John-Christian Ulrich's 'Sensual Mix' gives the song an illustrious laidback Disco/Jazz inspired feel. Not to forget to mention the masterly remixes by the likes of DJ Spinna, Makoto, DJ Pepsi and Sir Piers all adding their signature touch, giving you plenty of options to work the floor, and making it next to impossible to choose a favorite version... By no means to be missed.

Samantha Faison "Special love" (Aqua Sol Recordings CD Promo)

With the Big Logan (Jersey Soul) produced "Special love", Aqua Sol Recordings present a formidable soulful production inspired by the classic Garage sound. Deeply felt vocals by Samantha Faison combined with the mind-blowing keyboard wizardry of John Crockett and deep pulsating rhythms will jam-pack floors for sure. The hypnotizing 'Bounce Mix' takes you back to a time when house music was raw and pristine, with deeper than deep underground-esque rhythms leading the way for the vocals and phat keys.

Nimble Digits "Ray's groove" (MoreHouse Records CD Promo)

Not many words are needed to describe this deep house gem... Groove Junkies' Evan Landes pays homage to the late and great Ray Charles under his new Nimble Digits alias with "Ray's groove", a truly amazing deep house production which combines mesmerizing melodies with Ray Charles' unforgettable voice and smooth yet infectious percussion enriched rhythms, altogether taking you on an enchanting musical journey that ends way to soon...

Exclusive Preview: Rihanna "Diamonds" (Basemental & Sugar Groove Remix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Serious Intention "You don't know" (Fabrizio Colasanti 'Deep in my Mind' Bootleg)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Tony Braxton "I love me some him" (Soul'n'Vibes Re-Touch)(CD-R)

It's time again to bring you a selection of the best edits and bootleg remixes we got in the past few weeks... Charles McDougald (Basemental Records) and Swift (Sugar Groove Music) join forces to rework Rihanna's "Diamonds", letting you choose between a remorselessly stormin version perfect for peak time and a slightly deeper afro-tastic version, both featuring the spoken word poetry of Koffee the Story Teller and celestial synth melodies. Next we have Fabrizio Colasanti who takes the unforgettable vocals of "You don't know" by Serious Intention (an all-time classic dating back to 1984) to new heights on his hypnotizing workout built around utterly deep rhythms and phat keys. Last but not least, Alessandro 'Soulnvibes' Cavalli graces us with his respectful truly soulful four-to-the-floor rendition of Toni Braxton's "I love me some him" from 1996 (taken from her "Secrets" long player).