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Pat Bedeau & Anna-Marie Johnson "Holding on" (Bedfunk Records Promo)

Bedfunk Records label head Pat Bedeau and songstress Anna-Marie Johnson are back with the towering "Holding on", the follow up single to their previous hit collaborations "Missing you" and "My life" (a remake of Chanel's underground house anthem from 2005). Without doubt, Anna-Marie Johnson's unmatched emotive vocals together with the luxurious keys, celestial pads and the enthralling funk soaked musical backing are sure to cast a spell on you.

Inaya Day & DJ Spen & Soulfuledge " Ummah-ye" (The Coflo Remix) (Quantize Recordings Promo)

Back in mid-September, Quantize Recordings graced us with the dance floor favorite "Ummah-ye" produced by DJ Spen and Soulfuledge, with the vocals performed in grand style by renowned soulful dance diva Inaya Day. Indisputably, this fresh afro/latin infused remix by Coflo fusing Inaya Day's incomparable sultry vocals with sumptuous jazzy keys and absolutely spell binding deeply groovin^percussive rhythms is sure to extend dance floor domination of the track.

Tom Glide x Funmilayo NGozi "All I need is you" (Remixes) / "You are my light" (TGee Records Promo)

TGee Records present fresh up-tempo remixes of "All I need is you, a glamorous collaboration by esteemed producer Tom Glide with American singer Funmilayo NGozi originally released in spring of 2016. The package includes a varied selection of superb soulful house interpretations by Tom Glide, Tayo Wink and Tony Deledda all adding their beloved touch. Also included are the wonderful '5 AM Jazzy Divas Mix' from the original 2016 release, and the previously unreleased unquestionably brilliant soulful house gem "You are my light".

Tee Smith featuring Emily Holligan "Keep on going"  (The Remix) (Unquantize Promo)

Mid-September saw the release of "Keep on going" by Tee Smith through Unquantize, a soulful yet truly compelling slice of dance floor bliss oozing with the beautiful tempting vocals of Emily Holligan. Courtesy of DJ Spen & ReelSoul comes a scintillating rework guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor thanks to bodacious keys by ReelSoul and undeniably enthralling underground-esque rhythms.

Rob Rhythm featuring G.D. "Like rain" (New Generation Records Promo)

The latest offering from legendary New Generation Records is the phantasmagorical soulful production "Like rain" by Rob Rhythms featuring the unmistakable vocal stylings of G.D. To make a long story short, "Like rain" oozing with the enchanting vocals of G.D., sublime keys, mellifluous chords and smooth yet relentlessly groovin' percussive rhythms is not to be missed. Nuff said...

Afro House Pick: Lizwi featuring Zulu Mageba & Ed-Ward " Heavy chants" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Available soon through Merecumbe Recordings is this downright hypnotizing slice of unadulterated afro house dance floor goodness produced by Zulu Mageba and Ed-Ward featuring South African songstress Lizwi. Indisputably, "Heavy chants" using inexorable rhythms as foundation for Lizwi's inimitable undeniably tantalizing vocal chants and dramatic synth melodies is sure to jam-pack the dance floor.

Pour le Connaisseur: Searchlight "Remixes" (Fallen Tree 1Hundred Promo)

Irish producers Zero T and Beta 2 (collectively known as Searchlight) select three of their favorite electronic producer teams to rework tracks from their self-titled debut album. First up, Wipe the Needle (Lee Gomez) adds his trademark bruk touch to "We could be more" featuring soulquarian [ K S R ], next AtJazz (Martin Iveson) contributes an ingenious rework of "Can we go back" featuring singer/songwriter Tolu Makay that begins down-tempo before switching to a vibrant up-tempo groove. Finally, Afroforce (aka Mark Force and Afronaut) take on "Breathe" once again featuring Tolu Makay and flip the song into a dope bruk-wise dance floor bomb.