review logoWe bring you a verily eclectic update loaded with nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

DJ Thes-Man, Deep Mayer & Urvin June featuring Anthony Carey "We are one (inside out)" (Ohyea Muziq Promo)

"We are one" by DJ Thes-Man and Deep Mayer was first released as an instrumental track through BluLace Music in June of last year, now this glorious soul infused afro-deep gem laced with ethereal atmospheric melodies returns as full vocal track oozing with inspirational vocals by Anthony Carey (lyrics written by Urvin June). Next to the original version, amazing remixes by DJ Thes-Man, Deep Mayer and Urvin June are included, all adding their distinctive touch, giving you a tough choice to pick a favorite version.

Kelvin Sylvester and Al Copeland "Come over" (Sophisticado Remixes)(Vibe Boutique Records Promo)

The wonderful "Come over" by Boston soulful house maestro Kelvin Sylvester and songstress extraordinaire Al Copeland released back in March complete with fantastic alternate interpretations by Dirty Harry, DeepSole Syndicate and From P60 (fabulous remixes by Wipe the Needle followed in July) is back in a truly breathtaking re-imagination by Vick Lavender by no means to be missed. Undeniably, Vick Lavender's masterful rendition fusing the unmistakable seductive vocals of Al Copeland with verily enticing jazzed-up keys by Spike Rebel and sublime enthralling percussive rhythms is sure to make you yearn for more...

Steven Stone & Marc Evans "Enough" (Michele Chiavarini Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings Promo)

The grandiose "Enough" featuring vocalist Marc Evans is the latest song taken from Steven Stone's phenomenal "Rhythm Romance EP" to get a proper single release, featuring an energetic yet soulful remix by renowned multi-instrumentalist maestro Michele Chiavarini sure to jam-pack the floor thanks to the ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms, inebriant hooks and sublime jazzy keys, not to forget to mention the inimitable heartfelt vocals of Marc Evans.

Thomas Brenner featuring Asia Yarwood "Beautiful life" (Soulstice Music Promo)

Forthcoming to up and rising Soulstice Music is "Beautiful life" by Thomas Brenner, a verily uplifting production using a relentlessly stompin' funked-up backdrop as foundation for glamorous keys, classy strings and the unmatched haunting vocals of Asia Yarwood. The song is taken to a whole new level on the excellent remixes by William 'Reelsoul' Rodriquez and Mark Di Meo both adding their signature soulful touch. Essential.

Nina vs. Luis "Black is the color of my drum" (Sensei Edit)(Deeper Side of Cyberjamz Records Promo)

Without doubt, this cheeky yet truly dope edit by The Sensei Mele (aka Greg Gray) featuring the one-of-a-kind vocals of Nina Simone (lifted from her recording of the traditional folk classic "Black is the color") over a smooth yet blazin' hot absolutely resistless drum sample taken from Luis Radio's recent club smash "Drums like this" (which you can find on the "That time is now EP" released on Makin' Moves) is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Afro House Pick: Madre "Amazonia" (Double Cheese Records Promo)

The first of two new releases coming soon to Double Cheese Records is the fascinating "Amazonia" by Madre aka French native and St.Barths resident DJ Gabin Nogueira, a fresh truly brilliant blend of South American flute with cool vocal chants and intriguing afro house flavored rhythms. The remix by label head Luyo stays true to the original yet boosts the afro vibe to give track a more hypnotizing feel.

Q Narongwate, Miwa "If I let this go" (Double Cheese Records Promo)

The second new release from Double Cheese Records is courtesy of Thai house maestro Q Narongwate and Japanese songstress Miwa whose "If I let this go" is a blissful slice of soulful heaven oozing with Miwa's beautiful angelic vocals, grand keys and a smooth organic backing. Tokyo soulful don Fuminori Kagajo contributes a marvelous interpretation laced with illustrious jazzy keys and heavenly chords that has timeless written all over. Put differently, "If I let this go" is top-notch soulful house music...

The Scientists of Sound and Mara J Boston "Reason to live" (KingStreet Records Promo)

Italian DJ/production duo The Scientists of Sound join forces with songstress Mara J Boston on "Reason to live", a verily mesmerizing slice of late night goodness guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor through the incredible passionate vocals by Mara J Boston, lush keys, celestial chords and the irresistibly pulsating musical backdrop. Nuff said...

Jazzmattik featuring Nsomi "Standing in the rain" (Do It Now Recordings Promo)

Jazzmattik makes his debut on Do It Now Recordings with "Standing in the rain", a verily sexy and hypnotizing deep'n'soulful production encompassing compelling rhythms, enchanting melodies and the terrific tantalizing vocals of Nsomi. Next to the original, the release features a gorgeous broken beat interpretation perfect for those special moments.

Umeus "Temptation" (Mantree Records Promo)

Mantree Records return to Spirit of House with "Temptation" by Umeus, a brand new group produced by label head Rasmir Mantree. "Temptation" is truly awesome and features the unique vocals of Ms. Tia Gist and Rasmir Mantree and scintillating keys by Denarius 'Unique' Hemphill over utterly enthralling rhythms, letting you choose from an eclectic variety of interpretations each one set to cast a spell on you.

Deep House Pick: Isa Vis & Mona Bode "Sleepless nights" (Fotis 'mentor' Monos Remix)(IsaVis Records Promo)

Our Deep House Pick of the week is this formidable remix by Fotis 'mentor' Monos of "Sleepless nights by DJ/producer Isa Vis and poetry artist Mona Bode. This one is for all the lovers of soulful and melodious yet entrancing deep house, with Mona Bode's one-of-a-kind spoken words being accompanied by tempting synth melodies and deeper than deep truly riveting rhythms.