We kick off the new month with an extra large update full of soulful gems - enjoy !!

R. Kelly "It's your world (the first take)" (T's Box Records CD Promo)

In fall of 2014, T's Box Records released the marvelous "It's your world" featuring the one-of-a-kind vocals of Jennifer Hudson and R. Kelly, now they unleash the previously unreleased 'demo' aka 'The first take' produced and arranged Terry Hunter & Wayne Williams with all lyrics performed by R. Kelly. Terry Hunter's smooth and soulful yet organic and captivating mixes are reminiscent of the 2014 release, while Mike Dunn injects his signature touch to transform the song into an utterly mesmerizing deepened yet soulful affair.

Reach "Attempted love" (C.H.L.P Remix)(Chicago House Legacy Project CD Promo)

Not many words are needed to describe this soulful gem forthcoming on Chicago House Legacy Project... Steve 'Miggedy' Maestro and Jerry C. King have added their magical touch to "Attempted love" by Reach (the duo of Lauren-Joy Manus and Michele Covito), undoubtedly the result is a breathtaking slice of soulful goodness oozing with the amazing sultry vocals of Lauren-Joy Manus, wicked guitar by Michele Covito, killer bass by Sam Eli Glover, lush keys and an utterly contaminous backing.

Newman featuring Stephanie Cooke "Back 2 love" (Soundstate Records CD Promo)

DJ/producer Paul Newman returns to Soundstate Records with a timeless slice of soulful house music featuring legendary house music diva Stephanie Cooke. "Back 2 love" is smooth and soulful, with a gentle organic backdrop leading the way for sweet guitar, classy strings and horns, delectable keys and the unrivaled haunting vocals of Stephanie Cooke. The remixes are courtesy of Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco and Richard Earnshaw who are pulling out all the stops, keeping the vibe soulful yet adding their distinctive touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Round Shaped Triangles "Set me free EP" (Sub_Urban Records CD Promo)

The "Set me free EP" by Round Shaped Triangles (the trio of Andreu Moya, Eider Blanco and Pedro Moya) is truly fabulous and eclectic, with the title track being an infectious organic affair using deeply thumpin' rhythms as foundation for dreamy melodies and Eider Blanco's incredible seductive vocals. Courtesy of Scott Diaz comes the vibrant jazz/funk infused 'Jazz Shaped Dub' of "Set me free", next is "Used to" a raw pristine underground-esque cut that is truly entrancing. Closing the package is "Acid chords" a Detroit inspired track oozing with an enchanting old skool vibe.

South Crew featuring Diviniti "Now I know (invincible)" (Sunclock Records CD Promo)

Sunclock Records present fresh truly massive remixes of "Now I know (invincible)" by South Crew (Giuseppe Alberghina & Toto Chiavetta) originally released through Vialocal Recordings back in summer of 2010. Doug Gomez' blazin' hot afro-deep workout laced with a grand piano takes Diviniti's inimitable angelic vocals to a whole new level, and Mannix contributes two remixes destined to take over the big rooms. Finally, the release includes the wonderful Piranhahead first heard on the 2013 remix package.

Alpha & Olmega and E-Man "Every time I hear the sound" (Uncover Music CD Promo)

Released a couple of weeks ago but by no means to be missed is this fervid underground-esque production by Alpha & Olmega and spoken word artist E-Man. "Every time I hear the sound" (the first single taken from Alpha & Olmega's upcoming album) is a sure-fire dance floor weapon built around hypnotizingly pulsating deeper than deep rhythms, tantalizing synth melodies and the unmatched spoken word poetry by E-Man. Put differently, "Every time I hear the sound" is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Mya "Circle of life" (T's Box Records CD Promo)

The latest offering by T's Box Records are splendiferous four-to-the-floor re-imagination of Mya's "Circle of life" taken from her "Smoove jones" album released in early 2016. First up, Terry Hunter serves a glamorous uber soulful interpretation fusing Mya's inimitable sultry vocals with an enthrallingly groovin' backdrop and glorious keys, next we have Mike Dunn who delivers a verily hypnotizing afro-tech rework guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

John Crockett featuring Julian Golson "Sign your name" (Painted Girl Records CD Promo)

DJ/producer John Crockett returns with a fantastic cover version of Terence Trent D'Arby's 1987 classic "Sign your name" which features the vocal talents of Julian Golson. The main version is smooth yet entrancing, with Julian Golson's deeply rooted vocals being accompanied by ethereal melodies and dulcet rhythms. The 'UK Beetz' versions turn the heat up by introducing relentlessly thumpin' rhythms.

Crookers featuring Baxter "Innocent" (Kai Alce Remixes)(Defected Records CD Promo)

Let us draw your attention directly to the stunning and brand new Kai Alce remixes of "Innocent" by Crookers, a track featuring vocals by Baxter previously available on limited edition 12" vinyl only. Kai Alce's 'Distinctive Retouch' stays true to the original yet oozes with the ingenious inebriant sound Kai Alce is beloved for, with the 'Distinctive Groove Dub' throwing in cool synth hooks for good measure.

Jazz House Pick: Kai Djuric "Endless dreams" (Soulstice Music CD Promo)

"Endless dreams" by world-renowned musician Kai Djuric is a truly phantasmagorical slice of jazz infused house music bliss which has been licensed by Soulstice Music who release it complete with stunning remixes. Mark Di Meo contributes a superb laidback interpretation which combines Kai Djuric's stellar trumpet play with illustrious keys and thrilling yet gentle percussive rhythms, Gerardo Smedile who drops an utterly fierce workout (based on Mark Di Meo's remix) guaranteed to jam-pack the floor, and last but not least DJ Fudge whose smooth'n'soulful rendition is laced with an exquisite piano and a dulcet organic backing.

Afro Deep Pick: Kojo Akusa & CJ Stone "Lost in translation" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

South Africa's Kojo Akusa and CJ Stone bring us "Lost in translation", a super mellow and laidback yet mesmerizing and inspiring instrumental production. To cut a long story short, deeper than deep rhythms together with lascivious synth melodies and a grandiose saxophone solo create an exhilarating feel guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Afro Traxx Pick: Doug Gomez "Tribes of the Jaguar" (Merecumbe Recordings CD Promo)

Doug Gomez has been on a roll recently, blessing us both with paramount original productions as well as brilliant remixes. Coming soon to his own label Merecumbe Recordings is "Tribes of the Jaguar" which features utterly spell binding afro-percussive rhythms alongside fomidable jazzy keys and celestial chords, altogether spreading a hypnotizing feel you can't resist to dance to.

Traxx Pick: Anderson Soares "Madrugada" (Urbano Records CD Promo)

Urbano Records return with their third release, the splendorous "Madrugada" by Anderson Soares who teams up with his longtime partner in crime Paulinho Ribeiro on this production. Most certainly "Madrugada" is an expertly crafted masterly orchestrated instrumental gem that is all about the contaminous funked-up groove, the scrumptious piano and luxurious keys by Paulinho Ribeiro.