We continue to bring you nothing but the best and latest in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Soulfuledge featuring Liz Jai "Chasing your loving" (Soulfuledge Recordings CD Promo)

Soulfuledge present their first release for 2017, and what a beauty it is... "Chasing your loving" is a phantasmagorical afro house production that is smooth and soulful yet truly intriguing, with entrancing afro-percussive rhythms serving as playground for inebriant melodies and Liz Jai's inimitable emotive vocals, altogether spreading a mesmerizing feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Sir LSG featuring Ayanda Jiya "Sandcastle" (GoGo Music CD Promo)

Renowned label GoGo Music have been on a hiatus lately, but now they return in proper style with the phenomenal "Sandcastle" by South African DJ/producer Sir LSG and South African soul-sensation Ayanda Jiya, the first single taken from Sir LSG's forthcoming (as of yet untitled) debut artist album. "Sandcastle" is as soulful as it gets, with gentle yet captivating rhythms leading the way for a glamorous jazzy instrumentation and the beautiful haunting vocals of Ayanda Jiya. The fabulous remix by legendary Josh Milan is without doubt a jaw-dropping slice of soulful heaven, or put differently his remix is 'a sure salvation for the soul'...

Dvine Brothers "What about Soul EP" (Kings of Groove Records CD Promo)

We welcome back Kings of Groove Records to Spirit of House with the splendiferous "What about Soul EP" by South Africa's Dvine Brothers. To cut right to the chase, this outstanding EP loaded with three timeless verily melodious soul oozing collaborations with renowned artists Royalty and Magic Soul (vocals) and Afrique Essence (keys) is by no means to be missed... In other words, with the "What about Soul EP" by Dvine Brothers you get top-notch soulful/afro house music sure to stand the test of time.

DJ Jacko & Chelsea Como "Paradise" (TR Records CD Promo)

The wait is finally over as DJ Jacko and songstress Chelsea Como present the long-awaited follow-up to their club smash "Closer". Similar to its predecessor, "Paradise" comes in mind-blowing 'Blackdraft' mixes by DJ Jacko and Shino Blackk spreading a hypnotizing feel through the infectious afro-deep rhythms, enchanting melodies and Chelsea Como's one-of-a-kind enticing vocals. Japanese DJ/production duo Dazzle Drums stay true to the spirit of the original yet turn the heat up and introduce a killer synth solo, with their dub being on a darker somewhat harder tip. Also included is the 'Original 90s R&B Mix' for your listening pleasure.

Afro Warriors featuring Kanda & Kaznova "Yaka" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

Angolan duo Afro Warriors aka Dr. Renas and DJ Braulio Silva return to Tribe Records with "Yaka", a truly inspiring afro house gem that is soulful and melodious yet tantalizing, with thrilling afrocentric rhythms laying the foundation for sublime keys, heavenly chords and the fantastic vocals of Kanda and Kaznova - in other words, "Yaka" is sheer musical bliss... Watch out for Afro Warriors debut album to be released in the year, featuring collaboration with Dicklas One, Kanda, Kamuputu Project, Lipsia, Afro Zone, Bamfumo, Afrikan Roots, Kaysha, Uhuru, Busiwa, Toshi, BK, DJ Micks, Vumile, Charlene Lai, Thula (Muungu Africa).

95 North "United in this house" (95 North Records CD Promo)

The first release for 95 North (Richard Payton) for 2017 is the energetic "United in this house" spreading an optimistic message through the expressive vocals of Par Tipee, fervid trumpet, luscious keys, wicked funky guitar riff and relentlessly pulsating rhythms. Next to the original version, the package includes three fierce dub versions: the 'Solos Dub' adds a glittering organ solo, the 'Funk Dub' strips the trumped and most of the vocals, and lastly the 'Hard Dub' gives the track a more underground-esque feel fueled with cool sound effects and vocal chants.

The O'Jays "Living for the weekend" (Muzikman Edition)(Exemplary Music Makerz CD Promo)

Muzikman Edition graces us with his stellar re-imagination of "Living for the weekend" by legendary r&b vocal group The O'Jays (from their eleventh album "Family reunion" released in 1975) which stays true and respectful to the original yet transforms the song into a soul oozing four-to-the-floor jewel guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Jersey Soul presents Walter Christopher "My forever" (AquaSol Recordings CD Promo)

Two years ago, Aqua Sol Recordings gave us the superb remix package of Walter Christopher's "Heaven" (taken from his 2007 album "Can't wait"), now they present his brand new single "My forever" with dazzling mixes by Big Logan. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Big Logan has been pulling out all the stops, fusing Walter Christopher's incomparable sultry vocals with grand jazzy keys, lush chords and vibrant rhythms, most certainly the result is a soulful yet enthralling soulful gem not to be missed.

DJ Randall Smooth featuring Arielle Dominique "My skin" (ChiNola Soul CD Promo)

A fortnight ago, we reviewed the terrific inaugural release from brand new label ChiNola Soul, now we proudly introduce you to the second single "My skin" which is produced by label owner DJ Randall 'Smooth' Montgomery and features once again the glamorous r&b tinged vocals of Arielle Dominique which make this release something truly special. The mixes are courtesy of Maurice Joshua who serves a delightful slab of soulful house, Rick Lenoir who delivers both a lively verily groovey soulful interpretation and a raw underground-esque 'Chicago Rub', and finally Soul Slayerz (Hakeem Syrbram & Tayo Wink) take the song to afro house territory on their tantalizing workout.

Rob Hayes featuring Geoff Butterworth "To be with you" (Soulstice Music CD Promo)

UK producer Rob Hayes makes his debut on up and rising Soulstice Music with "To be with you", an uber soulful'n'groovey yet utterly seductive slice of sun drenched goodness oozing with the amazing deeply rooted vocals of Geoff Butterworth, illustrious keys and a smooth yet spell binding organic backdrop. Next to the original the release features stunning remixes by Will 'ReelSoul' Rodriquez and Francesco Cofano both adding their distinctive soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version...

Dawn Souluvn Williams "Stand" (Souluvn Entertainment CD Promo)

Our first Pick the Week for 2017 was the mind-boggling "Joy" by Dawn Souluvn Williams, now the Ricky Nelson produced follow-up single "Stand" is ready, and what a musical treat it is... The marvelous "Stand" is truly uplifting and inspiring, with Dawn Souluvn Williams unrivaled haunting vocals being accompanied by exquisite keys, sweet guitars and a gently stompin' funked-up backing. The alternate 'Jump Mix' gives the song a deeper somewhat more relaxed feel.

Traxx Pick: Luca Lala "L.A. Guan" (2elle Records CD Promo)

The third release on 2elle Records has arrived, and similar to the previous releases on the label the formidable organic verily infectious "L.A. Guan" by Luca Lala is a masterly crafted and orchestrated gem guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy thanks to a monstrous bass by Stefano De Donato (Dirotta Su Cuba), killer hammond by Davide 'Enphy' Cuccu (The Bluebeaters/Materianera) and enthralling drums by Luca Lala.