A bit of everything the soulful genre has to offer, including some deeper cuts, can be found in this weeks update - enjoy !!

Roy Ananda featuring Marcelia Lesar "Alive" (Magnolia Street Records CD Promo)

Magnolia Street Records have a beauty in their hands with the uplifting "Alive" by Roy Ananda and songstress Marcelia Lesar. The magnificent original version features Marcelia Lesar's inimitable vocals alongside sublime jazzy keys, superb hammond by Ali Akbar and a contaminous organic backing, Larry A is on remix duty, with his delightful interpretation keeping the vibe soulful yet exciting.

Angelo Draetta featuring Richelle Hicks "Work it out" (Leda Music CD Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Angelo Draetta continues to serve nothing but top-notch soulful house music through Leda Music, this time around collaborating with singer Richelle Hicks. Together they present "Work it out", an inspiring slice of soulful goodness using a captivating backdrop as playground for catchy guitar riffs, delectable keys and Richelle Hicks distinctive vocals. Nuff said...

Ivelisse Diaz "Rosalina" (Joe Smooth and Jerry C King Mix)(Indie Art Music Records CD Promo)

After the stunning Ondagroove, Othersoul and Vittorio Santorelli remixes released a while back, the time has finally come for the original version by Joe Smooth and Jerry C King to see the light of the day. Ivelisse Diaz one-of-a-kind deeply rooted vocals truly shine on this jaw-dropping latin/jazz infused interpretation laced with wicked guitar, classy horns, terrific keys and gentle yet enthralling percussive rhythms. Essential.

Joeski & Eman "Not this poem" (Pat Bedeau Remix)(Run Bklyn Trax Company CD Promo)

We proudly introduce you to the amazing Pat Bedeau remix of "Not this poem" by Joeski and Eman forthcoming on Run Bklyn Trax Company. To make a long story short, Pat Bedeau combines Eman's unrivaled spoken word poetry with vibrant percussive rhythms and glorious keys by Ziggy Funk, with the result being an utterly infectious slice of dance floor goodness...

Miguel Migs featuring Lisa Shaw "Waterfall" (Salted Music CD Promo)

DJ/producer Miguel Migs and Lisa Shaw once again have been pulling out all the stops to grace us with an expertly crafted gem guaranteed to cast a spell on you... The old skool inspired "Waterfall" embodies Miguel Migs beloved truly unmistakable underground-esque sound with Lisa Shaw's unrivaled sultry vocals - sheer musical bliss. The 'Stripped & Salty Vocal' takes a more minimal somewhat Nu-Disco flavored approach, and lastly there is the 'Deluxe Deep Dub' an enchanting journey to the lands of deep'n'moody late night house.

So What featuring Kenny Bobien "Let me apologize" (Loveslap! Records CD Promo)

Back in spring of 2009, So What aka Gregory Del Piero and Charles Spencer blessed us with the marvelous "Let me apologize" (released through Del Records), now this soulful gem featuring legendary vocalist Kenny Bobien returns in dazzling remixes. The main attraction is the gorgeous vocal version which fuses Kenny Bobien's incomparable falsetto vocals with a thrilling organic backdrop and illustrious keys. Also included is the fiery 'Guilty Dub' which gives the track a deeper truly mesmerizing feel.

Traxx Pick: Mikki Afflick "Dream catcher" (Soul Sun Soul Music CD Promo)

With her latest offering "Dream catcher", Mikki Afflick presents a truly ingenious slice of utterly tantalizing deep afro-tek by no means to be missed... To cut right to the chase, absolutely irresistible rhythms lay the foundation for inebriant ethereal snyth melodies, with additional luscious keys by Jerrell Battle thrown in for good measure. Put differently, drop this wicked afro-tek tune and watch the dance floor erupt...

Deep House Pick #1: Clinton Que, Ticck "Forgotten people" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Next up on Double Cheese Records is the blazin' hot truly eclectic "Forgotten people" EP by Mthokozisi Ntaka and Tshepo Rampesi aka Clinton Que and Ticck loaded with four sure-fire deep house weapons. Each of the tracks is verily enthralling, with the relentless rhythms together with the spacy synth melodies and lush keys spreading an utterly hypnotizing feel you can't resist to dance to...

Deep House Pick #2: Luyo, Neil Daruwala "Screams from the abyss" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

The second new release from Double Cheese Records for this week is a mind-blowing collaboration by label head Luyo with Neil Daruwala (himself head of 69 Street Records). The utterly mesmerizing "Screams from the abyss" is an afro tinged deep house cut perfect for late night play thanks to hypnotically thumpin' rhythms, lush keys and galactic chords. In other words, "Screams from the abyss" is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...