We have a truly huge and eclectic update for this week - enjoy !!

Namy & Kathy Brown "Not this time 2015" (Part 2)(KingStreet Records CD Promo)

In summer of 2013, we were celebrating "Not this time" by Japanese producer Namy and legendary songstress Kathy Brown, just a few months ago this mind-blowing jazz/funk inspired feel-good gem returned in paramount remixes by DJ Fudge and Michele Chiavarini. Now part two of the 2015 remixes is here, featuring brilliant new interpretations by DJ Fudge who gives the song a gorgeous sun drenched latinesque feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you. Last but not least, Vanilla Ace drops a sexy bass driven remix of the original sure to send the dancers into a frenzy.

Sculptured Music featuring Lizzy "Run away" (Lilac Jeans Music CD Promo)

The wonderful "Run away" was originally released about a year ago on Sculptured Music's towering album "Brighter days" (through Sheer Sound), now the full single release is just around the corner, complete with remixes by Lilac Jeans. The original version is silky smooth, with dulcet rhythms leading the way for grandiose jazzed-up keys, dreamy chords and Lizzy's beautiful sultry vocals. Lilac Jeans contribute the remix, turning up the heat by introducing deeply thumpin' truly thrilling rhythms and exhilarating synth melodies.

African King featuring Darian Crouse "Give my heart to you" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Johannesburg based producer African King teams up with American vocalist Darian Crouse for "Give my heart to you", an enticing slice of deep'n'sexy house music oozing with smooth yet captivating rhythms, tempting melodies and Darian Crouse's unmatched emotive vocals. The superb remixes are courtesy of PolyTonal and StaSoul both adding their distinctive touch, keeping the vibe deep and soulful yet intriguing.

DJeff Afrozila featuring Ron Carroll "Love vibration" (Tribe Records CD Promo)

House music heavyweights DJeff Afrozila and Ron Carroll join forces for "Love vibration", a truly infectious and tantalizing slice of uplifting afro house built around ruthlessly pulsating afrocentric rhythms, funky guitar licks, sublime saxophone solo and classy brass stabs, not to forget to mention Ron Carroll's incomparable feel-good vocals. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, "Love vibration" is guaranteed to set the roof on fire...

Mona Bode "Looks like gold" (ManMachine Productions LLC CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this top-notch soulful house production performed in grand style by Mona Bode and expertly produced by ChiProfess whose 'Soul Synergy' mixes are nothing short of stunning, with a compelling organic backdrop serving as playground for warm melodious keys, lush chords, lovely flute and Mona Bode's one-of-a-kind spoken word poetry. Nuff said...

Vanessa Smith "Storms" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

Coming soon on CyberJamz Records is "Storms" by Vanessa Smith, a marvelous soul infused production guaranteed to make you yearn for more. The original version is smooth yet spell binding, fusing a groovey musical backing with magnificent jazzy keys, luscious chords and Vanessa Smith' gorgeous passionate vocals and spoken words. From Eddie Ed comes an enthralling rework laced with irresistible percussive rhythms and illustrious keys that puts the emphasis on the spoken word as well as the fervid utterly tribaltastic 'Afro Drum Chant Mix' which is a real DJ delight.

Pagany featuring Chanelle "Caught in the middle" (Guido P Smooth Remix)(StereoCity Records CD-R)

Last week we introduced you to the glorious Soulbridge remix of "Caught in the middle" by DJ/producer Pagany and house music diva Chanelle (a cover version of the dance music anthem originally performed by Juliet Roberts), this week we have the fabulous 'Smooth Remix' by Guido P for you which combines Chanelle's unrivaled vocals with smoothly thumpin' rhythms, illustrious jazzy keys and glamorous chords. Certainly an excellent interpretation of the song not to be missed...

Various "Oscar P DJ Promos" (CD-R)

DJ/producer Oscar P sent out a promo package to a selected few loaded with some of his recent and upcoming productions and remixes. Lots of great stuff to discover, the ones we'd like to introduce to you are his 'NY 2 Afrika Mix' of "Asante juju" by MoBlack which is an utterly mesmerizing afro-deep workout, his gentle percussive rework of "Running" by Myles Bigelow oozing with sensitive vocals by Aileen DeLa Cruz and dreamlike keys and chords, and last but not least a brand new charming '2015 Dub' of his formidable four-to-the-floor remake of the unforgettable MFSB classic "(Love is) The Message" (a co-production with Christian Scott).

The best of the rest...

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

From DJ/producer The Bassment comes "Unified", one of the most sexy and mesmerizing spoken deep house cuts we've heard in ages. Ruthlessly thumpin' deep rhythms lay the foundation for sultry male spoken words and celestial synth melodies - pure late night goodness. On remix duty is Patrick Podage serving a darker, forward thinking remix (NiteGroove Records CD Promo). The verily eclectic "Deep Elements EP" by IndySoul is loaded with three equally brilliant truly seductive deep house tracks, each one guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor thanks to relentless rhythms and exhilarating melodies (Seven Island Records CD Promo).

From Ewonder comes "One groove", to make it short this is a killer track with a mercilessly pulsating groove leading the way for hypnotizing synth melodies and uber cool 50's styled vocals. In other words, "One groove" is destined to take over dance floors across the globe... (Ewonder Records CD Promo). Even further goes the "The drum chant" by Justin Imperiale, an absolutely irresistible track that is all about utterly infectious tribal-percussive rhythms and wicked vocal chants altogether creating an enchanting vibe you can't resist to dance to (Cabana Recordings CD Promo).

The two tracks featured on the "Ancient EP" by South Africa's Xerophytic Soul (aka Mbulelo Mehlomakhulu) take you on an utterly hypnotizing journey to deepest imaginable afro house territory, with the inexorable rhythms and inebriant melodies sure to send the early morning crowd into a frenzy... (Smooth Agent Africa CD Promo). To shift gears, DJ Ermi blesses us with the awesome "Through the colors" EP which includes two expertly crafted jazz infused productions spreading a laidback organic feel guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, and a glamorous deep house cut laced with heavenly melodies (Inspires Records CD Promo).

The uplifting "Wait" by Bronx Cheer & Adam Hyjek is an inspiring and sexy slice of soulful dance floor goodness combining the sultry vocals of Leanne Lawson with the soothing sounds of Ryan Linvill on saxophone, phat keys and a smooth yet relentlessly stompin' backdrop (Tall House Records CD Promo). Part one of the remixes of "Raise your hands" by Lenny Fontana featuring legendary vocalist D-Train is here, featuring a gloriously soulful and melodious interpretation by David Morales alongside remixes by Ridney, PachangaStorm & Oliver Deuerling and Another Excuse (Karmic Power Records CD Promo).

We're closing this week with the upcoming release by Melchyor A aptly titled "Nu Disco Project EP". Two masterly crafted old skool inspired productions are included on this jaw-dropping EP, bringing the beloved Disco/Funk sounds from yesteryear back in a fresh and modern way... Essential (Nu Deep Records CD Promo).