We welcome you to 2015 with our first update for the year - enjoy !!

Thandi Draai "Down on me" (Vibe Boutique Records CD Promo)

In July of last year, Vibe Boutique Records blessed us with "I'm in love" by South African producer Cuebur and songstress Thandi Draai, a phenomenal slice of soulful house music having timeless written all over. Now Thandi Draai returns to the label with another soulful jewel entitled "Down on me", her debut release as a producer and songwriter which perfectly showcases her one-of-a-kind inimitable vocals. For this release loaded with exclusive interpretations of this gem, Vibe Boutique have enlisted Monodeluxe, Pino Arduini, Gruv Basement, Sixth Sense Music, Afro Drum Freak, Belton Sladen Cazzius and XtetiQsoul to add their magical deep/soulful/nu-jazz infused touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor. Essential.

Pad Beryll & Sofia Rubina "Love 4 everyone" (Antony Fennel Remix)(Soul Deluxe Recordings CD Promo)

Up and coming Italian producer Antony Fennel takes on "Love 4 everyone" by Pad Beryll, a jaw-dropping collaboration with vocalist Sofia Rubina originally reviewed here on Spirit of House back in September 2014. Antony Fennel keeps the overall vibe soulful yet turns up the heat by combining Sofia Rubina's unmistakable passionate vocals with inebriant hooks, ethereal melodies and vibrant rhythms to create an infectious truly entrancing feel guaranteed to set the floor on fire. A sure-fire prime time anthem.

Various "Smooth Agent Africa Compilation Vol. 2" (Smooth Agent Africa CD Promo)

Less than a year ago, Smooth Agent Africa presented the marvelous truly eclectic first installment in their "Smooth Agent Africa Compilation" series, now the time has come for the second volume to see the light of the day. Not less than sixteen tracks (some of which are previously unreleased) are included, all selected by label head Sean Smith. The illustrious list of artists includes Bongani Bongzin Mbatha, Grounded Oaks, Aphreme, Samatha Fiason, Kekstar Keke, DJ TooNice, Napoleons, Xerophytic Soul, Darque, Jaytee, Cloudy Music, Mushroom Boyz, Sina The Producer, Blaq Soul, Rubberlips, Charmaine, Mark Graham, Jean Honeymoon, Lele X & Posh, Dana Byrd, Tantra Zawadi. To cut a long story short, this is a truly breathtaking selection of afro inspired gems sure to send shivers down your spine.

Various "10 Years of EWonderMusic" (EWonder Records CD Promo)

EWonderMusic celebrate their ten year anniversary with this glamorous compilation featuring music from such renowned artists as EWonder, Lynn Lockamy, Dawn Tallman, JD Smoothe, Celli Pitts Norma Nongauza and Mekiel. Undoubtedly, the ten included tracks perfectly showcase the many faces of EWonderMusic, including many of the labels biggest hits such as "Each morning" and "I am free" by Dawn Tallmann, "Torture" by Lynn Lockamy or "Over me" by Celli Pitt to name just a few. Highly recommended.

Afro-Deep Pick: Needle & Griffith Malo "Without you" (Plastik People Digital CD Promo)

The next release on Plastik People Digital is courtesy of South Africa's Needle & Griffith Malo who grace us with "Without you", an utterly melodious deep house gem guaranteed to put a spell on you through the deep'n'smooth yet thrilling rhythms, enticing keys and sexy female vocals. The dub intensifies the vibe with ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms and mesmerizing synth melodies. Quite simply perfect for late night play...

Trax Pick: Tony Humphries "Housework 2" (Tony Records CD Promo)

Last year, Tony Humphries made his return as an artist with "Housework" released on his on label Tony Records, now the second EP in this series has arrived, and similar to its predecessor this release is guaranteed to send dance floors into a frenzy. The featured track is entitled "Work is work" and comes in two different flavors. First up is the utterly hypnotizing 'Her Wet Shoes' version built around infectious percussive rhythms, enchanting vocal chants and a wicked sax solo. Next is the equally impressive 'Her Church Shoes' version which takes you straight to church with its relentless funky groove, gospel organ and classy horns.

Old Skool Pick: Monsieur Cedric & Steve Frisco "Serie Limitee Hors Serie 004" (Serie Limitee Records CD Promo)

To give you a little background, Serie Limitee Records is a vinyl-only label with very limited quantities and no re-press of its releases. The next release to be available on 10" vinyl in late January will be limited to 250 copies and features one track on each side, both of which take you back in time. The ingenious "Strictly rhythm" by Monsieur Cedric fuses deep house with breakbeats and acid, and as cherry on top the track samples vocal snippets of the movie classic "Jackie Brown". Steve Frisco pays tribute to a well-known truly legendary New York house music label with the aptly titled utterly tantalizing "Nu Groove" which, to make it short, a is sheer deep house bliss.