This week, we have a truly soulicious update for you... enjoy !!

Antonello Ferrari featuring Dawn Tallman "Read between the lines" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Last summer, Italian DJ/producer Antonello Ferrari and songstress extraordinaire Dawn Tallman scored big with "Beautiful view", a marvelous sun drenched slice of soulful house music. Right in time for this summer they return with "Read between the lines", an uplifting Disco/Funk inspired soulful gem guaranteed to put a spell on you thanks to Dawn Tallman's unmistakable vocals, classic strings, lush keys and the infectious funk soaked backdrop. Richard Earnshaw is on remix duty, reworking the song into a spell binding affair oozing with glorious melodies and smoothly bumpin' rhythms.

Mark Di Meo "A gentleman's song FK" (NiteGrooves Records CD Promo)

Italy's renowned DJ/producer/remixer Mark Di Meo pays tribute to the legendary 'Godfather of House', Frankie Knuckles (rip), with this superb soul oozing instrumental production entitled "A gentleman's song FK". A gentle yet thrilling funked-up backing (percussion by Cristian Vinci, bass by Slikk Tim) leads the way for silky sax by James Vargas, sublime organs by Apollo Negri and sweet guitar by Rino Menna - sheer musical bliss. The remix is courtesy of Christian Vinci who gives the track a super smooth and laidback yet musical percussive feel.

Soulfuledge featuring Johanna Jordan "Heal the world" (Soulfuledge Recordings CD Promo)

In May of this year, we were celebrating the fantastic "Forgive me" by Soulfuledge featuring Johanna Jordan, the inaugural release of Soulfuledge Recordings. Now Soulfuledge and Johanna Jordan join forces again to present the follow-up single "Heal the world", a gorgeous summery gem combining Johanna Jordan's stunning emotive vocals with exquisite keys and a sleek organic backdrop. The stripped back dub turns the heat up for prime time play with refined vocals, uplifting string section and a raw utterly contaminous bassline.

Neal Conway "Released from the anger EP" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

In March of 2011, we reviewed Neal Conway's masterly orchestrated artist album "Afro-Latin-Love Funk" which is truly versatile and influenced by a variety of genres such as Philly, Disco, Funk, Soul, Latin, Afro. Sadly this masterpiece didn't get the attention it deserved, so we are very pleased to see that many of the gems from the album are featured on Neal Conway's brand new "Released form the anger EP", and as a bonus there are brand new jaw-dropping tracks included as well. Quite simply, this EP is all about musicianship and love for the music, you will be taken on a blissful musical journey you wish would never end...

Various "In the Zone Remixes 2014 Vol. 1" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Since being launched in early 2013, In the Zone Records have blessed us with nothing but first class releases from an illustrious list of artists. Now the label graces us with "In the Zone Remixes 2014 Vol. 1" loaded with five mind-blowing soul oozing re-imaginations of some of the label's standout cuts: Neal Conway featuring Soule "Midnight at the oasis" (Union Effect Harim Mix), Dana Weaver "Fading away" (Conway's Classic WerkOWT), Dana Weaver "Understand me" (Hakeem Syrbram's Afro Soulhouse Keemix), Dana Weaver "Feel alive" (Pure Elevation No Drums Mix), and last but not least Neal Conway featuring Biblical Jones "U can't bring me down" (Conway's Philly Intl. Classics WerkOWT) which we've exclusively reviewed three weeks ago.

SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah "Be yourself" (Toupee Records CD Promo)

From the minds of DJ SGZ, Aphreme and vocalist Ras Vadah comes "Be yourself", a soulful gem guaranteed to send shivers down your spine as dulcet yet captivating deeply groovin' rhythms lead the way for luscious keys, acidic overtones and Ras Vadah's beautiful deeply felt vocals - top-notch soulful house music. The dub gives the track a classy old school feel guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

RedSoul featuring R'Kel "Out all night" (Playmore Music CD Promo)

Not many words need to be said or written about this soulful jewel produced by Dave 'RedSoul' Wareing and performed in grand style by R'Kel. "Out all night" is gorgeously smooth yet enthralling, using thumpin' rhythms as playground for R'Kel's heartfelt vocals and warm melodious keys - to make it short, truly a seductive slice of soulful heaven... Nuff said.

Sugah Lyrics "The gathering" (Toupee Records CD Promo)

To cut right to the chase, what we have here courtesy of Toupee Records is a true dancers delight... The main element is the unrivaled inspirational spoken word poetry by Sugah Lyrics (aka Brown Sugah) put into motion by the likes of Tayo Wink, DJ Punch, Panther72 and 12 Shades (Grant Sullivan) - the result is a truly breath-taking late night weapon, with each of the eclectic versions featured on the package oozing with a delectable truly mesmerizing vibe guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy...

Secret Souls "Mysteries of the beginning" (DeepStitched CD Promo)

With DeepStitched, Do It Now Recordings launch yet another new sub-label, with the first release coming from up and rising South African producer Secret Souls whose "Mysteries of the beginning" is a magical excursion to deepest imaginable afro-deep territory, with each of the five included tracks being a sure-fire late night bomb guaranteed to cause a stir.

Evelyn Harris "Funky pressure" (Paradax Records CD Promo)
Eszti "Sonic" (Paradax Records CD Promo)

Paradax Records bring the summer heat with two blazin' hot and refreshing productions. First up is Evelyn Harris with "Funky pressure", a cut arranged and produced by Aaron Arce which features Evelyn Harris powerful emotive vocal alongside classy strings and luscious keys over an infectiously percussive funk soaked groove. Second is "Sonic" by Eszti coming in two wicked versions to choose from: Movses & Sevan serve an utterly mesmerizing deeply thumpin' version laced with ethereal melodies, while Aaron Arce delivers a beautiful soul/disco/funk infused re-imagination oozing with a glorious old-school vibe.