review logoWe celebrate the start of summer with a truly soulful and sun drenched update - enjoy !!

Traxx Pick: Federico d'Alessio "Son of the stars" (Soulstice Music Promo)

Summer  is here, so is this paramount sun drenched uber soulful jazz inspired instrumental jewel by Italian producer Federico d'Alessio which features Michele Chiavarini on piano, Mario Iaccarino on guitar and Apollo Negri on Hammond b3 organ. The icing on the cake is the splendorous interpretation by Mark Di Meo which gives the track a more laidback feel. Indisputably, "Son of the stars" is sheer musical bliss...

DJ Punch "Black Power EP Vol 2" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)

At the beginning of the year, Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records dropped the phat "Black Power EP" by DJ Punch, soon volume two will be released which includes absolutely mind-boggling four-to-the-floor re-imaginations of "Clouds" by Chaka Khan, "Kalimba" by Earth, Wind & Fire, "The world is a ghetto" by George Benson and "Stay with me" by Teddy Pendergrass. To make it short, DJ Punch once again delivers the goods, adding his landmark touch to these unforgettable songs, undeniably these a sure-fire dance floor weapons...

Andrea Curato featuring Morris "Alive" (Merecumbe Recordings Promo)

Next up on Merecumbe Recordings is "Alive" by Italian DJ/producer Andrea Curato, to cut right to the chase this phantasmagorical uber soulful estival production oozing with the incomparable emotive vocals of Morris, lush keys, celestial chords and gentle yet captivating rhythms is guaranteed to cast a spell on you. Put differently, "Alive" is a wonderful soulful gem not to be missed.

AbysSoul featuring Sio "Words" (David Harness Yoruba Soul Edit)(Open Bar Music Promo)

In December of last year, Open Bar Music unleashed the jaw-dropping Osunlade interpretation of "Words" by AbysSoul which took the track to a whole new level, with Sio's unmistakable seductive vocals harmonizing perfectly with the gentle yet intriguing deeply thumpin' rhythms and inebriant synth melodies. Now the label presents a wicked re-edit by David Harness of the Osunlade rendition which introduces additional synth hooks and more dynamic rhythms - without doubt this re-edit will send the dancers into a frenzy...

Artispure & Matteo Candura featuring Cecy Santana "Maybe baby (dance in the night)" (Cabana Recordings Promo)

The latest offering from renowned Cabana Recordings is "Maybe baby (dance in the night)" by Artispure and Matteo Candura, a masterly orchestrated production laced with the amazing tempting vocals of Cecy Santana and Rich Robinson, grand horns by Leon Q. Allen, exquisite rhodes by Trevor Shandling and and infectious organic backing. The remixes are courtesy of label head Justin Imperiale who contributes a beautiful mellifluous afro flavored interpretation, and DJ Hakuei who drops a glamorous uber soulful rendition on a timeless classic tip.

Alex Ander & Deep Grounder featuring Virag "Tonight" (Remixes)(KingStreet Records Promo)

Turn back the clock to 2012 when we were celebrating the outstanding double-a-sided release "Take me there" / "Tonight" by Alex Ander and Deep Grounder (Urs Diethelm & Ralph Grieco) featuring the the inimitable vocals of Virag (Virag Muggli-Keszthelyi). Right in time for summer, KingStreet Records present fresh truly dope remixes of "Tonight" by Masaki Morii and Piers Kirwan both adding their distinctive soulful and melodious sun drenched touch. Completing the package is Jon Silva's spellbinding old school inspired deep remix lifted from the 2012 release.

Joe Flame "Water" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

Hot on the heels of the magnificent collaboration with Blizzard Beats on "The reason" comes the next verily soulful gem by Joe Flame (Joseph Davis), the dazzling "Water" which combines his  gorgeous truly unique deeply felt vocals with delectable jazzy keys, dreamy chords, lovely guitars and gentle yet compelling rhythms. Also included in the package is the alternate 'Beatless Mix', a glorious reprise of the song.

Angelo Draetta "Where are you at, my heart" (Leda Music Promo)

There ain't no stopping for Leda Music whose upcoming release "Where are you at, my heart" by Angelo Draetta features luscious keys, sweet guitar and verily enticing female vocals over a smoothly stompin' organic backing. The 'Deep House Mix' fueled with with enchanting synth melodies gives the track a deeper yet verily soulful feel perfect for late night, early morning play.

Yasin Bt "Happiness" (Mantree Records Promo)

Rasmir Mantree and his Mantree Records label have been on a roll in recent months, blessing us with nothing but the best in soulful underground house music. The upcoming "Happiness" by Yasin Bt is no exception, with Yasin Bt's one-of-a-kind vocals truly shining on this soulful yet enthralling production coming in three equally brilliant pristine underground-esque interpretations by Rasmir Mantree and an ingenious jazz influenced rendition by Serge Negri.

CalvinSol "SoL Rhythm & Jamz EP" (Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records Promo)

New Jersey based DJ/producer CalvinSol returns to Deeper Side of CyberJamz Records with the splendid "SoL Rhythm & Jamz EP" which is headlined by his top-notch four-the-floor re-imaginations of Janet Jackson's slow jam "Funny how time flies" (from her 1986 album "Control") where he fuses the lascivious spoken word outro of the song with gentle yet enthralling rhythms - the result is simply mind-blowing... Also included is the groovey latin infused instrumental "Basic somba" which is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.