Enjoy another weekly update jam-packed with the best in soulful house music only...

Andy Compton featuring Ladybird "Missing you" (Peng Records CD Promo)

Andy Compton and Ladybird return in grand style with the masterly "Missing you", a laidback utterly soulful production combining Ladybird's amazing touching vocals with heavenly keys, beautiful guitars and smooth groovey rhythms. The instrumental 'Sax Jam' features a wonderful sax solo by Charlie Hearnshaw, Dino & Terry Demopoulos deliver a fabulous deep house rendition featuring illustrious keys, and finally Sir LSG serves a glamorous jazz infused broken beat styled interpretation. Essential and highly recommended.

Mr. Boogie featuring Charles Cooper "Better without you" (USO Records CD Promo)

USO Records are back with the Charles Cooper written and performed "Better without you" which is produced by South Africa's Mr. Boogie (Brendron Davids) whose phenomenal original production is on a laidback yet contaminous tip, fusing Charles Cooper's heartfelt vocals with delectable keys and deep mellow rhythms. Entity intensify the vibe on their dazzling interpretations enriched with lush keys, and last but not least DJ Soultek adds his magic old school inspired deep'n'soulful touch. Quite simply, we can't do without this musical gem which reminds us - in some ways - of the classic Taravhonty track "Join hands"... Nuff said.

L Phonix & Yllavation featuring Patsy Fuller "Stars & sunrise" (SanDisco Recordings CD Promo)

SanDisco Recordings are on a roll at the moment as they present another soulful gem having written timeless all over. "Stars & sunrise" by L Phonix & Yllavation is a marvelous sun drenched production featuring deeply rooted vocals by jazz singer Patsy Fuller alongside grand melodious keys over a smooth yet captivating deeply groovin' backdrop. In other words, a soulful gem by no means to be missed...

Basement Jazz Ensemble featuring Katy Moon "Brighter day" (Ospina Digital CD Promo)

Russian production duo Basement Jazz Ensemble (Vitaliy Stodolya & Konstantin Kepke) join forces with singer Katy Moon for "Brighter day", an exciting soul/jazz/funk inspired production oozing with an uplifting feel through an organic funk soaked backing, wicked guitars, beautiful melodies and Katy Moon's emotive vocals. Next, Vitaliy Stodolya takes the track to deepest hypnotizing grounds on his irresistibly thumpin' 'Eventual Groove Mix' laced with celestial melodies.

Patrick Crookid Willis and Gumzito featuring Sabrina Chyld "Piece of my mind" (Open Bar Music CD Promo)

Back in January of this year, we were celebrating the original version of the breath-taking "Piece of my mind" by Patrick 'Crookid' Willis and Gumzito, a stellar production built around deeper than deep, truly relentless yet smooth rhythms, exquisite melodies and not forget to mention the touching vocals by songstress Sabrina Chyld. Now the full package is here, featuring versatile remixes by the likes of Abicah Soul, Benny T, Boddhi Satva, Hojulo and Myles Bigelow, giving you plenty of options to work the floor.

Alex Millet featuring Troy Denari "What you are" (Room Control Records CD Promo)

There ain't no stoppin' for Room Control Records as they unleash yet another bomb... Alex Millet follows-up his previous smash hit "Never give up on love" (a collaboration with Cinnamon Brown) with "What you are", a thrilling production featuring phat keys, lovely guitar riffs and heartfelt vocals by Troy Denari over deep pulsating rhythms. On remix duty are Rhemi (Neil Pierce & Ziggy Funk) who contribute a superb soul/funk inspired remix, and Seascape who turn the heat up for prime time play on their intoxicating deep house workout fueled with mesmerizing melodies.

Kenny Carpenter "Universal Dreamer EP 1" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Legendary DJ/producer/remixer Kenny Carpenter graces us with the "Universal Dream EP 1" which features a selection of marvelous soulful remixes and a previously unreleased track. First up is his brand new uplifting 'Evolution Mix' of Kenny Bobien's classic "Dance for live" oozing with a gorgeous classic vibe (you may be familiar with the 2001 vinyl release which includes Kenny Carpenter's original remix of the song). Next is his masterly orchestrated organic 'Big Apple Mix' taking "Count on me" by Wipe the Needle featuring deeply felt vocals by CT Martin to a whole new level. Finally, there is the sure-fire floor weapon "Expatriate" which uses a fiercely stompin' backdrop as playground for a classy jazz inspired instrumentation.

Influence Peddlers featuring Gwen Hunter "Fragile heart" (Haus'Flor Recordings CD Promo)

Luis 'Blademaster' Lopez and John Crockett are back under their Influence Peddlers disguise with "Fragile heart", an enchanting production featuring passionate vocals by songstress Gwen Hunter alongside ethereal synth melodies and jazzy keys over an infectious funked-up backing. The 'Deep Mix' takes the track to deepest territory and uses atmospheric synths to create an inebriant vibe, while John Crockett's interpretation somewhat relaxes the vibe and oozes with the unrivaled melodious organic sound his is renowned for.

LaVeda "Let Love Happen EP" (Citynoiz Entertainment CD Promo)

In October of last year, we gave the Linda 'Cafrodeep' Sitole produced "Let love happen" by LaVeda a glorious review, now this beautiful song is back in a brand new version featuring additional vocals by Tsholofelo Moremedi. But the "Let love happen EP" has much more to offer as it introduces you to brand new songs by LaVeda, featuring productions by Linda 'Cafrodeep' Sitole, Paul Komane and LaVeda herself. Each of these songs showcases LaVeda's inimitable sweet vocals, taking you on an excursion to deepest imaginable grounds you wish would never end. By no means to be missed.

Best of the Rest

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section to highlight other noteworthy releases...

San Francisco based producer Rishi K graces us with the superb 'The Transient EP' featuring two equally great utterly melodious and mesmerizing deep house tracks, not to forget to mention the blazin' hot remixes by Van Bellen, Masaki Morii, Masahiro Suzuki, Sarp Yilmaz and Andre Bonsor (Adaptation Music CD Promo). Next is London based Mr Kavalicious with his glorious "Expressions EP" consisting of three enchanting old school inspired deep house tracks perfect for late night, early morning play (Adaptation Music CD Promo).

James Dexter takes on DeepCitySoul & DJ Romain's "NY 2 UK" originally released beginning of last year, taking the track to a whole new level on his fascinating deep house rendition laced with enticing melodies (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo). More deep house madness comes courtesy of Phaze Dee and his mind-blowing "Reckless EP", with both featured tracks guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor thanks to remorseless rhythms, hypnotizing melodies and cool vocals (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo).

Boo Williams returns in grand style with the "Robotic Slaves EP", a breath-taking deep house release where each of the three included tracks takes you on a blissful journey with ethereal soundscapes and driving rhythms (Fatsouls Records CD Promo). Pure Elevation (Ben Johnson) blesses us with the multifaceted "Levels in my Mind EP" featuring four spell binding deep house production sure to set the floor on fire with thrilling rhythms and luscious melodies (CyberJamz Records CD Promo).

With only a few weeks to go, the heat for this years Winter Music Conference in Miami is on, and more and more promo samplers land on our desk. One that attracted our attention is courtesy of Muted Trax who give a preview of things to come in the coming months on their "WMC Promo Sampler 2013" which features wicked tracks from Matteo, Mikee Deep featuring Kennedy, Deep.Vibe and Artimixx featuring Anthony Poteat (Muted Trax Records CD Promo).