We have a truly global update for you this week - enjoy !!

Luman Child featuring Joseph Junior "Going through changes" (Solid Ground Recordings CD Promo)

"Going through changes" by Swiss musician, composer and producer Luman Child and renowned vocalist Joseph Junior was originally featured on Solid Ground Recordings 2015 edition of their highly acclaimed "Miami Sampler" series, now finally this fabulous production has been given a proper single release. The original is masterly orchestrated, fusing the unmistakable seductive vocals of Joseph Junior with sublime jazzy keys, heavenly chords, lovely guitars and an enthralling backing. MAQman teams up with Jezrael to deliver a jaw-dropping organic soul infused interpretation, while Pj D'Arpino serves a fervid relentlessly groovin' workout that is truly entrancing.

Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco featuring Donna Hidalgo "Gonna give my loving away" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Italy's Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco join forces with songstress Donna Hidalgo for "Gonna give my loving away", a feel-good vocal house anthem guaranteed to jam-pack the floor dance thanks to an irresistibly stompin' backdrop, inebriant keys and Donna Hidalgo's incomparable sultry vocals. The 'F&B Extravaganza Remix' fueled with classy horns gives the track a classic funktified feel, multi-instrumentalist DJ/producer Michele Chiavarini transforms the track into a sure-fire prime-time dance floor weapon, and finally William Rosario delivers a gorgeously groovey and melodious rendition.

Hot Wind featuring Anthony Poteat "Love" (HSR Records CD Promo)

From Italian quartet Hot Wind (aka Max Montorio, Andrea Erre, Massimo Anelli and Criss Hawk) and songster Anthony Poteat comes the wonderful "Love", an inspiring soul oozing gem using an inexorably thumpin' organic backing as foundation for grand jazzy keys, ethereal chords and Anthony Poteat's landmark deeply felt vocals, altogether creating a captivating feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you.

Homero Espinosa & Mark Farina featuring Ori Kawa "It's all right" (Classic Music Company CD Promo)

San Francisco's local heroes Homero Espinosa and Mark Farina together with singer Ori Kawa present "It's all right", an uplifting dance floor weapon built around a tremendous bassline groove reminiscent of the David Joseph all-time classic "You can't hide (your love from me)" and exquisite jazz piano, not to forget to mention the rich laidback vocals of Ori Kawa.

Angelo Draetta featuring Phillip Ramirez "Hold on" (Leda Music CD Promo)

Italy's Angelo Draetta returns to Leda Music with "Hold on", a collaboration with legendary vocalist Philip Ramirez. To cut right to the chase, "Hold on" is an energetic feel-good affair sure to send the dancers into a frenzy, with the inimitable falsetto vocals of Phillip Ramirez being accompanied by warm melodious keys, wicked guitars and a vibrant utterly contaminous backdrop.

Flash from the Past: Arnold Jarvis "Take some time out" (Fourth Floor Records Vinyl Promo)

Without doubt, the Tommy Musto & Yvonne Turner produced "Take some time out" performed in grand style by the one and only Arnold Jarvis is one of our all-time favorite house music releases, truly this legendary track stands the test of time as a seminal release for Fourth Floor Records. The vinyl re-issue features the vocal and dub mixes from the original 1987 release alongside a brand truly delightful re-imagination by Ilija Rudman breathing fresh life into this timeless house music anthem. A digital release will follow later this year.

Flash from the Past: Black Riot / Masters at Work "The Todd Terry Fourth Floor Sessions" (Fourth Floor Records Vinyl Promo)

Fourth Floor Records pay tribute to Todd Terry, one of house musics true originators, with a four track vinyl EP featuring some of his most ingenious dance music classics from back in the day: The A-side features the unforgettable raw house cuts "A day in the life" and "Warlock" released under his Black Riot alias, while the B-side features his one-of-a-kind freestyle cuts "Alright alright" and "Dum dum cry" released under the Masters at Work name which was later brought to stardom by Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales. Following shortly are digital re-issues of both the Black Riot and Master at Work releases featuring additional mixes of each of the tracks.

Traxx Pick: Jocelyn Mathieu "S.O.S" / "The experience" (Instinctive Records CD Promo)

Courtesy of Jocelyn Mathieu come two blazin' hot underground-esque tracks. Both "S.O.S." and "The experience" keep the vibe deep and utterly hypnotizing, fusing absolutely irresistible rhythms with enchanting vocals and exhilarating synths. Also included are mind-blowing remixes of "S.O.S" by Alex Finkin who contributes a glamorous deep melodious rework perfect for late night play, and Sebastien Grand who takes us back in time to the glorious 90's with his phat remix oozing with an entrancing 'big beat' flavor.

Deep House Pick: Joyfull Family "Deep Roots EP" (Double Cheese Records CD Promo)

Double Cheese Records have a beauty in their hands with the stunning "Deep Roots EP" by Italian deep house production team Joyfull Family (aka Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola and Chico Perulli). Not much needs to be said or written about this  magnificent release other than Joyfull Family explore their house music roots with this release, with the result being four stunning old school inspired deep house tracks guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Jazz House Pick: Canticle "Jazzing" (Nu Gruv Recordings CD Promo)

We welcome Nu Gruv Recordings to Spirit of House with "Jazzing" by Soweto based producer Canticle (Leonard Phutego), a gorgeous jazz infused production laced with blissful keys, splendiferous guitar, sweet vocals and dulcet yet thrilling rhythms. Various alternate versions as well as a marvelous remix by Ray Horace (Tshepo Moetapele) are included in the package, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor at any given time of the day and night.