This week, we have a truly impressive and gigantic update for you - enjoy !!

Stones & Bones "My love" (Phunky Rabbit Records CD Promo)

From the motherland comes this outstanding slice of soulful goodness not to be missed... Most definitely "My love" by Stones & Bones (aka K.G. Bones and C.J. Stone) will make you yearn for more thanks to the lively percussive rhythms, heavenly keys, lovely guitar and the magnificent touching vocals. Included in the package is an eclectic truly mind-boggling selection of remixes by the likes of Placidic Dream, Faith Keeperz, C-Major and Philani Zuma all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, giving you plenty of choices to send the floor into a frenzy.

Allovers featuring Lisa Shaw "All I'm saying" (Vick Lavender Definite Solution Remixes)(Gotta Keep Faith Records CD Promo)

Just a few weeks after the dazzling 'Sophisticado All Soul Remixes', Gotta Keep Faith Records surprise us with the fabulous 'Definite Solution Remixes' by Vick Lavender of the beautiful "All I'm saying'" by Russia's Allovers (Michail Popov & Ilya Popov) which features the unique velvety voice of singer/songwriter Lisa Shaw. Quite simply, Vick Lavender has outdone himself on these jaw-dropping uber soulful re-imaginations oozing with sweet guitars, sublime keys by Vijay Tellis-Nayak and a laidback truly dulcet backing. Essential.

Luka featuring Jaidene Veda "Overstanding" (Part 2)(We Go Deep CD Promo)

In June of 2013, we were celebrating "Overstanding"by Anthony 'Luka' Kasirivu and songstress Jaidene Veda, an amazing slice of soul infused house music that was released complete with stunning remixes by Sir LSG, Anthony Nicholson and Jaidene Veda. Now part two has arrived, loaded with superb previously unheard remixes taking Jaidene Veda's inimitable sultry vocals to a whole new level. First up, Jazzuelle serves a mesmerizing deep somewhat dark rework perfect for late night play, next M60 contributes an enchanting deep'n'organic soul infused interpretation, and finally Pablo Martinez hits the mark with his inebriant deep workout fueled with freaky melodies.

DeLura featuring Romeo The Poet "Inspire me (Africa)" (JusVibe Records CD Promo)

Not much needs to be said or written about this truly hypnotizing slice of soul infused afro-deepness by DeLura and Romeo The Poet entitled "Inspire me (Africa)" other than deeper than deep absolutely relentless rhythms lead the way for luscious keys, dreamy chords and the inspiring spoken word prayer by Romeo The Poet, altogether spreading an infectious feel you can't resist to dance to...

Alex Millet featuring Emory Toler "I can fly" (Soulbridge Deep Remix)(HSR Records CD Promo)

Earlier this year (in March to be precise) we introduced you to "I can fly" by Alex Millet and singer Emory Toler, now HSR Records grace us with a fresh truly entrancing re-imagination by Soulbridge. To cut right to the chase, the 'Soulbridge Deep Remix' gives the track an uplifting feel guaranteed to cast a spell on you, with Emory Toler's enthralling vocals being accompanied by lush keys, phat chords and irresistibly thumpin' rhythms.

Soledrifter featuring Ryan Holliday "Turn away" (Remixes)(Duffnote Records CD Promo)

Originally released back in December of last year, "Turn away" by Soledrifter (Dmitry Meshcheryakov) which features the passionate vocal stylings of Ryan Holliday returns in fresh remixes by Dutch producer Eric Jadi who delivers a sun drenched feel good anthem fueled with blissful melodies and vibrant rhythms. From Richard Earnshaw comes a gorgeous re-edit of the Eric Jadi remix enriched with cool tweaks to the drum section and the arrangement which give the track an even more intense feel.

Soulsideup featuring Keeno Lee "City of dreams" (Peng Africa CD Promo)

Can you believe four years have passed since this masterly crafted soulful gem saw the light on the day on the amazing "Silulu Vol. 1" compilation? Now the time has come for this beauty to get a full single release, complete with varied truly phenomenal remixes by Kojo Akusa, Jonny Miller, Star Sweeper (Brent Vincent) and Faruk Orakci. In a nutshell, each of the versions included in this package perfectly showcases the fantastic heartfelt vocals of Keeno Lee, spreading an exhilarating feel guaranteed to send shivers down your spine... Nuff said.

Aranile featuring Moses Van Buren "Addicted" (SoundMen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Aranile (pronounced 'Arah-nee-leh' and means 'people in the house' in Yoruba) is a production due compromised of producers George Maleet Moreno and Steve LaMorte who join forces with Moses Van Buren on their debut release "Addicted", an excellent smooth and soulful yet enthralling production featuring Moses Van Buren's matchless soultry vocals alongside illustrious keys over a contaminous funk soaked backdrop.

Roxanna Lynn "It's because" (D#Sharp Records CD Promo)

The second of two brand new upcoming releases on D#Sharp Records is the inspiring Joe Flame produced "It's because" introducing us to the wonderful evocative vocals of Roxanna Lynn. To cut a long story short, relentlessly pulsating rhythms lay the foundation for the grand jazzy keys, celestial chords and Roxanna Lynn's utterly haunting rendition of the lyrics - in other words, top-notch soulful house music. On remix duty is DJ Gary B who delivers a grandiose deepened reworked laced with magnificent jazzy keys, inebriant chords and irresistible rhythms.

Roy Ananda featuring Pete Simpson "The only thing that make sense (is you)" (Remixes)(Magnolia Street Records CD Promo)

In late October 2014, this marvelous collaboration by Roy Ananda and Pete Simpson entitled was released through Goodnws Records (including a wicked remix by Opolopo), now we are in for a real treat with this awesome remix package. From Distant People (Joey Silvero) comes a fervid workout fusing Pete Simpson's one-of-a-kind sultry vocals with blissful melodies and ruthlessly thumpin' rhythms, Barry Likumahuwa serves a beautiful organic broken beat flavored interpretation, and Vicky MDLR joins the party with his choice mix perfect for prime time play. Last but not least, there is Roy Ananda's previously unheard phat dub version.

The best of the rest...

We are getting so many promos sent each and every week that many of them never get reviewed here on Spirit of House (for various reasons nota bene). However, as we want to make sure you are well informed what is happening, we have introduced this section where, every now and then, we will highlight other noteworthy releases...

"Hermano" by M.Caporale is a masterly crafted latin infused gem using gentle yet spell binding tribal-percussive rhythms as playground for sublime jazzy keys, glorious chords and sweet guitars - the perfect soundtrack for those hot summer nights....( Cabana Recordings CD Promo). Ubizo Cafe is the new name for Stones & Bones who present "Arumba", an utterly infectious truly ruthless afro-tribal dance floor weapon oozing with tantalizing vocals by Herbedyz and heady synth melodies. The remixes are courtesy of Djeff Afrozila and Abata Afrika both adding their distinctive afro/tribal touch (FOMP CD Promo).

Jonathan Meyer's "Conga" is a truly mesmerizing slice of dance floor heaven that combines merciless conga driven tribal-tastic rhythms with a killer Hammond organ by Fabio Verardo, wicked guitar by Marco Cinelli and cool vocal chants - jam-packed floors guaranteed (Super Soul Music CD Promo). The four track "Turning Pages" EP by Myles Bigelow is truly eclectic, from beginning to the end oozing with his beloved and truly unique blend of latin, jazz, afro and tropical rhythms, with each of the tracks guaranteed to send the floor into a frenzy( Yoruba Records CD Promo).

Up and coming South African producer Sir Rizio graces us with the "Dark EP" featuring three equally brilliant instrumentals, each one taking you on an exhilarating journey to deepest imaginable afro-house territory, with the thrilling rhythms together with the enchanting somewhat moody synth melodies creating an enthralling vibe you can' resist to dance to (Nu Gruv Recordings CD Promo). Next from the motherland is "African woman" by Rhythm Soul, a sexy slice afro-deepness oozing with gorgeous melodies and smooth yet tantalizing percussive rhythms, not to forget to mention the charming vocals. On remix duty are Italian producers House Device serving a truly hypnotizing  rework (Uno Mas Recordings CD Promo).

DJ/producer KlevaKeys returns with the "Deeper Groove EP" loaded with four gorgeous instrumental cuts full of dreamy melodies and deep utterly infectious rhythms - put differently, this massive EP is just what the doctor ordered when you're looking for first-class dance floor weapons...( House Keys Records CD Promo). Marc Cotterell presents a special extended version of his marvelous "Layla" track (originally released late last year on the "Music is our mission" EP) which now features a proper drum intro for easier mixing, otherwise staying true to the original version which is also included here( Plastik People Recordings CD Promo).

We are closing this weeks update with the inaugural release on Ripp Trax Records courtesy of LooweeR whose "Another way to do it" quite simply is all about the utterly spell binding rhythms, glamorous melodies and cool vocal sprinkles by Stephie G. On remix duty is Elemar who gives the track more intense utterly mesmerizing feel perfect for peak time play (Ripp Trax Records CD Promo).