A fully loaded update with the latest in soulful and afro house music awaits you - enjoy !!

DJ Pope "Jingo ba" (POJI Records CD Promo)

Back in 1959, Babatunde Olatunji released the groundbreaking "Drum of passion" album which includes the world-famous "Jin-go-lo-ba" aka "Jingo" (brought to stardom through Carlos Santana's cover in 1969 and Candido's Disco remake). Courtesy of legendary Baltimore DJ/producer DJ Pope comes an utterly fierce contemporary re-imagination of this all-time classic using enthralling afro-percussive rhythms as playground for grandiose keys, tempting synths and thrilling vocals by Dana Weaver, Esteban and DJ Pope himself. Jam-packed dance floors guaranteed...

Pablo Fierro "Guanile" (Sunclock Records CD Promo)

In late December of 2010, Vialocal Records released the fabulous "Guanile" by Pablo Fierro, a laidback jazz infused afro-latin house production built around gentle percussive rhythms, sublime piano, dreamy chords and amazing vocals. Sunclock Records re-issue this jewel complete with a stunning verily mesmerizing rework by Enoo Napa guaranteed to cast a spell on your through the deeper than deep truly inexorable afrocentric rhythms and the seductive atmospheric chords.

Rhemi featuring Louise Golbey "No good for me" (Rhemi Music CD Promo)

Without doubt, Ziggy Funk and Neil Pierce (collectively known as Rhemi) have been pulling out all the stops to grace us with "No good for me" which features the wonderful vocal talents of songstress Louise Golbey. The sun drenched "No good for me" is a verily inspiring soul infused production using an infectiously thumpin' funktified backdrop as foundation for glamorous keys, celestial chords and the beautiful deeply rooted vocals of Louise Golbey. As usual, Rhemi deliver a phat dub oozing with a hypnotizing chunky feel sure to set the floor on fire.

Mona Bode "Walk with him" (Glenn Gregory Remixes)(CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

In fall of 2011, CyberJamz Records released the splendid "Walk with him" by the incomparable Mona Bode in fantastic interpretations by Themba aka Dr. Thiza, Soul Oasis and Tayo Wink. Fast forward to 2017 and we can enjoy phantasmagorical soul oozing re-imagination by Glenn Gregory fusing Mona Bode's incomparable spoken word poetry with grand jazzed-up keys and intriguing afro-latin inspired rhythms. Sheer musical bliss...

Djed & Gynisse Way "Breath away" (Remixes)(Certified Organik Records CD Promo)

Spring 2008 saw the release of the gorgeous "Breath away" by Djed (aka Todd Gardner) and singer Gynisse Way, a sensuous soulful production coming complete with a stellar remix by 83 West. In a few days the remix package will be available which includes brand new interpretations by Bonna, Antigua Deep and Livingstone all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, and last but not least the wicked 83 West remix from back in the day is thrown in for good measure.

Serge Negri featuring Maya Carney "Elephant skin" (BambooSounds CD Promo)

To be released soon on BambooSounds is the truly special and ingenious "Elephant skin" by up and rising jazz artist Maya Carney and DJ/producer Serge Negri. "Elephant skin" perfectly showcases Maya Carney's unbelievable vocal dexterity and carefree abstract flow, accompanied by precious horns, luscious keys and a contaminous organic backing. Kalim Shabazz contributes a terrific minimal tech-soul flavored workout guaranteed to make you yearn for more.

Stones & Bones featuring Zano "Pot of gold" (House of Stone CD Promo)

South Africa's Stones & Bones (the duo of Casper Steenkamp aka Casper J Stone and Kgothatso Mohlaka aka KG Bones) follow up their recent smooth'n'soulful hit single "Linda" with "Pot of gold" featuring the distinctive emotive vocals of Zano, most definitely this sure-fire afro house dance floor weapon coming in a truly eclectic selection of mixes by Stones & Bones, Eltonnick, Beebar, Lilac Jeans and Sacred Soul will send the dancers into a frenzy.

Andy Compton "Acid Andy EP" (Peng Records CD Promo)

Beginning of 2010, Andy Compton released the wicked "Acid Andy's Soul EP" which features four ingenious deep house tracks, including the incredible acid spiced "That acid track". Now comes the mind-boggling "Acid Andy EP" taking you on an exhilarating journey to the land of deep soulful acid house, featuring a remastered version of aforementioned track alongside the scintillating new cuts "Sacred time" and "Acid rain" featuring the seductive vocals of Rogiers.

Miguel Migs featuring Coco Bonnet "Misunderstood" (Salted Music CD Promo)

Without doubt, Miguel Migs is on top of his game with this mind-blowing slice of deep underground goodness entitled "Misunderstood" featuring the unmistakable smokey freestyle vocal delivery of Coco Bonnet. Three equally brilliant mixes are included in the package: The 'Midnight Vocal' is on an enchanting late night tip, the 'Rub the Dub' is an inebriant tech-soul affair destined to cause a stir on the dance floor, and finally the 'Stripped & Salty Vocal' oozes with a nostalgic sweet'n'soulful feel.

Soulzak "Ancestral calling" (Merecumbe Recordings CD Promo)

Morocco's Soulzak (aka Toufali Zak) makes his debut on up and rising Merecumbe Recordings with "Ancestral calling", an utterly fierce afro-house track guaranteed to take over dance floors globally thanks to irresistible tribaltastic rhythms, galactical synth melodies and enchanting vocal chants. The 'Beats Mix' strips the track of the synths for an even more intense and hypnotizing feel.

Max Marinacci "The rhythm of the drums" (House Tribe Records CD Promo)

House Tribe Records bring us "The rhythm of the drums" by Italian DJ/producer Max Marinacci, as the title suggests this track is all about the unrelenting afro-tribal rhythms which are enriched with cleverly used vocal sprinkles and wicked sounds from the jungle. Plain and simple a track sending the dancers to a different dimension...

Freddy da Stupid "The percussion" (Cabana Recordings CD Promo)

Next up on Cabana Recordings is Freddy da Stupid (a verily talented afro house producer from Mozambique) whose "The percussion" in its 'Original Acoustic Version' is a warm and organic production laced with ethereal synth melodies and riveting afrocentric percussion. Both the 'Acid Deep Version' and 'Dark Cestral Version' stay true to the original yet transform track into pristine four-to-the-floor afro house bombs.