review logoWe kick off the new month with a fully loaded update... enjoy !!

J.D.'s Time Machine featuring Cleveland P. Jones "Kiss of freedom" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

The first new release from Quantize Recordings for this week is the magnificent "Kiss of freedom" by J.D.'s Time Machine featuring vocalist Cleveland P. Jones. Remixed by DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins, "Kiss of freedom"laced with the inimitable haunting vocals of Cleveland P. Jones, lush keys, wicked guitar and a smooth yet spell binding funk soaked musical backing comes highly recommended.

Brutha Basil & DJ Beloved "We need love" (Brukel Music Promo)

Next up on renowned Brukel Music is the expertly crafted "We need love" by DJ Beloved (Dwayne Tennant) and Brutha Basil. Without a doubt, this soulful gem produced by DJ Beloved oozing with the unmatched spoken word poetry of Brutha Basil (with Kelvin Sylvester on backing vocals), bodacious jazzed-up keys, heavenly pads and an intriguing organic backdrop will cast a spell on you.

Krewcial & Nimiwari "Whatever it takes" (Quantize Recordings Promo)

The second new release from Quantize Recordings for this week is this scintillating four-to-the-floor interpretation of the Anita Baker classic "Whatever it takes" (from her 1990 album "Compositions") prodded by Krewcial. In short, this glorious remake featuring an eminent rendition of the lyrics by Nimiwari, sumptuous keys and grand strings over an infectious funktified backing is top-notch soulful house music.

Daniele Busciala & Morris Revy "Stronger wiser" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Pasqua Records is this beautiful collaboration by Italian DJ/producer Daniele Busciala and Nigerian vocalist Morris Revy entitled "Stronger wiser". To make it short, "Stronger wiser" featuring the the unmistakable sultry vocals of Morris Revy alongside emotive jazzy keys and irresistibly thumpin' deepened rhythms is sure to send the dancers into a frenzy. Nuff said...

Dave Anthony & Ed Ramsey "Livin without you" (Newtown Recordings Promo)

DJ/producer Dave Anthony and esteemed vocalist Ed Ramsey grace us with the marvelous "Livin without you", the follow up to their hit single "A better love" released last fall. Beyond question, Ed Ramsey's one-of-a-kind deep-rooted vocals together with the luxurious keys, dreamful chord progressions and the compelling funked-up backdrop are guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor.

Micky More & Andy Tee x Reverendos of Soul x Anduze "Devoted" (Groove Culture Promo)

We welcome Groove Culture to Spirit of House with the outstanding "Devoted" a collaboration by Micky More & Andy Tee with Reverendos of Soul and vocalist Anduze. Most definitely, this uplifting disco influenced production oozing with the fantastic spirited vocals of Anduze, luscious keys, ethereal pads and a groovey organic musical backing is sure to set the dance floor on fire.

Neapolitan Soul "Underground EP" (Neapolitan Soul Records Promo)

Nothing but unadulterated dance floor dynamite awaits yo on this super dope two track EP by Neapolitan Soul. First u p is "Just breathe on me" a hypnotic slice of late night goodness with relentless rhythms leading the way for a killer organ and celestial synths. Next up is the Neapolitan Soul & Ace Shyllon remix of the previously released "See my love" giving the track deep somewhat dark yet downright mesmeric feel.

Deep Kay & Mr Cantata featuring French August "Melodies" (Vibe Music Show Promo)

Don't miss out on this splendorous soulful production available now on promo through Vibe Music Show courtesy of Deep Kay featuring vocalists French August and Mr. Cantata. Most definitely, "Melodies" featuring the amazing vocal stylings of French August and Mr. Cantata, sublime jazzy keys and smooth yet thrilling deeply thumpin' rhythms will make you yearn for more...

Traxx Pick/Deep House Pick: Manuel Costela "Colours" (2phonic Recordings Promo)

Courtesy of 2phonic Recordings label head Manuel Costela comes "Colours" a fabulous deep house tracks sure to take over dance floors around the globe by storm thanks to the inebriant synth melodies and inexorable deeply pulsating rhythms. Both Maxim Lebede and Yasuo Sato add their signature deep house touch to the track, and finally Elbert Phillips contributes an enchanting truly mellifluous rendition destined for late night, early morning play.