We are kicking of April with nothing but the best in soulful house music - enjoy !!

Lunare Project featuring Jaidene Veda "Moonlight" (Netswork Records CD Promo)

The admirable "Moonlight" by Lunare Project which features the unrivaled sultry vocals of songstress Jaidene Veda comes your way in mind-bogging interpretations by Eric Kupper and Souldynamic. First up we have Eric Kupper who serves a phantasmagorical rendition oozing with blissful ethereal melodies and a laidback musical backing. Second are Souldynamic who turn the heat up on their exhilarating workout fueled with delectable jazzy keys, heavenly chords and irresistible vibrant rhythms, with their 'Organ Remix' replacing the vocals with a phat organ ride.

Vencer Cafe featuring Faye "Sweet love" (AfroMove Music CD Promo)

Forthcoming on AfroMove Music is "Sweet love " by South African group Vencer Cafe, a wonderful uber soulful production using deeply groovin' rhythms as playground for enchanting atmospheric melodies, sweet guitars and the incomparable seductive vocals of Faye. The 'Original Extended With Dub Mix' introduces wicked jazzed-up keys, the 'Deeper Dub' gives the track an utterly mesmerizing deepened feel, the likes of Da Lex DJ, Tony Bird and Tshego deliver superb remixes on a deep/soulful afro tip, MK Clive slows the tempo down to around 110 BPM on his especial deep truly hypnotizing galactical rework, and finally the package includes a drum'n'bass remix by Mark Graham.

Fuminori Kagajo featuring Stephanie Cooke "Taking up space" (KingStreet Records CD Promo)

Japanese DJ/producer Fuminori Kagajo joins forces with legendary house music vocalist Stephanie Cooke for "Taking up space", a splendorous summery production featuring the unrivaled haunting vocals Stephanie Cooke alongside exquisite jazzy keys, celestial chords, lovely guitars and mellow percussive rhythms. The alternate 'Reconstruction' version gives the song a richer more dance floor friendly feel, not to forget to mention the excellent interpretations by Kyle Kim and Hallex M both adding their distinctive soulful touch.

The Late Night Affair "Still in love" (T's Crates Records CD Promo)

Atlanta based DJ/producer Salah Ananse presents a dazzling up-tempo re-imagination of "A house is not a home" by legendary silky-voiced r&b crooner Luther Vandross (rip), fusing the one-of-a-kind vocals with lush keys and gentle yet captivating afro tinged rhythms. Completing the package is a gorgeous soul oozing organic rendition by label honcho Terry Hunter.

Jimmy Gallagher featuring Soul City Orchestra "Philly nights" (Nigel Lowis Mix)(DSG Music CD Promo)

Last week we introduced you to the glamorous "Soul City Theme" by saxophonist Jimmy Gallagher and Soul City Orchestra, this week they are back with "Philly nights" (the two songs will be released together as a 'double a side' single). Once again Nigel Lowis presents a splendiferous Philly Soul/Philly Disco inspired interpretation, this time around on a smoother and more laidback yet verily alluring funktified tip.

Western Deep featuring Anthony Oseyemi "You want more" (Do It Now Recordings CD Promo)

The latest offering on Do It Now Recordings is courtesy of South Africa's Western Deep (Ian Holden & Andrew Kuipers) whose "You want more" is a dreamy and dulcet yet tantalizing afro house track oozing with the beautiful haunting vocals of Anthony Oseyemi, luscious synth melodies and intriguing rhythms. Gruv Basement contribute the remix, transforming the track into a glorious sun drenched affair laced with sublime jazzed-up keys, sweet guitars and an infectious organic backdrop.

Benji Candelario featuring Lisa Shaw "You got me" (Defected Records CD Promo)

Benji Candelario returns to Defected Records with a "You got me" which is best described as an uplifting feel good anthem featuring the inimitable passionate vocals of Lisa Shaw together with luxurious keys over a relentlessly stompin' backing in the 'Groove Rendition' version, with the 'Late Night Strut' version giving the track a deeper more mesmerizing feel perfect for late night, early morning play.

Deep House Pick: Jose Gonzalez "We are free" (Seed Recordings CD Promo)

Seed Recordings revive a deep house gem you may have missed when it was first released in fall of 2009 on the highly acclaimed "Soul Enters Every Dancer Vol. 2" compilation. To cut right to the chase, "We are free" by Jose Gonzales is an utterly inebriant excursion to deepest house music territory, comping complete with fantastic verily hypnotizing remixes by Bradford James.

Traxx Pick: Mario Bianco featuring Patrix Duenas "Do it again (listen to the music)" (Soulshine Records CD Promo)

Italian DJ/produces Mario Bianco graces us with the absolutely resistless "Do it again (listen tot he music)", with the 'Hammond Mix' destined to take over dance floors thanks to ruthlessly pulsating rhythms, uber cool vocals and guitar by Patrix Duenas, and a killer hammond by Fabio 'Masterkeys' Di Bartolomeo. The alternate truly groovey 'Jam Mix' is a sure-fire dance floor weapon which gives the track a more lively truly funked-up feel.