Some truly great soulful gems to discover this week - enjoy !!

Djeff featuring Kholi "Different" (Josh Milan Remix)(Tribe Records CD Promo)

Taken from his critically acclaimed album "Soldier Ascension", Djeff's wonderful "Different" which features the inimitable heartfelt vocals of Kholi gets the remix treatment by none other than legendary Josh Milan who, beyond the shadow of a doubt, delivers a masterpiece with his utterly soulful yet infectious re-imagination - to make it short, the sweet percussive rhythms and sublime jazzy keys together with the fantastic vocals are guaranteed to make you yearn for more...

Wayne Gardiner featuring DJ Inertia "Remember when" (CIMA Recordings CD Promo)

With the jaw-dropping "Remember when", Wayne 'Classic Man' Gardiner and DJ Inertia take us back in time and and ask us if we remember how we felt back in the day when house music was fresh and new, when nobody was thinking vinyl would eventually die, when..? With its raw unadulterated rhythms, dulcet melodies and DJ Inertia's  inspiring spoken word poetry "Remember when" lets you reminisce and relive those magical moments of the early days of house music which sadly are long gone... DJ Tony V reworks the track into fiercely thumpin' deep affair laced with lush keys, while Slam Mode turn the heat up for prime time play with energetic rhythms and celestial melodies.

Luis Benecks featuring Manqoba "Lesson" (Atal Music CD Promo)

Once again Atal Music bless us with nothing but the best in soulful music from the motherland, with their latest offering being "Lesson" courtesy of Luis Benecks (Sphamandla Tsotetsi) and vocalist Manqoba Mtungwa. Quite simply, "Lesson" is a deep and gentle yet contaminous gem, with percussive rhythms serving as playground for Manqoba Mtungwa amazing deeply rooted vocals and luscious keys and chords. By no means to be missed.

Luka featuring Alison Crockett "Love glow" (We Go Deep Records CD Promo)

Anthony 'Luka' Kasirivu returns to Spirit of House with the mind-blowing "Love glow" which takes you on a exhilarating journey to deepest grounds, with deep thrilling rhythms leading the way for the unmistakable emotive vocals of Alison Crockett and ethereal synth melodies - sheer musical bliss. On remix duty are Peter 'Opolopo' Major who adds his beloved truly unique touch to the song, and Zoltan 'From P60' Nagy whose beautiful laidback interpretation oozes with a sweet melodious vibe.

Various "Uno Mas WMC 2014 Sampler" (Una Mas Recordings CD Promo)

Una Mas label had Steve Paradise has put together a fabulous "WMC Sampler" guaranteed to put a spell on you. The sampler includes not less than a total of nine equally massive tracks from renowned artists such as Cocoa Nela, Darian Crouse, Enea DJ, Lady Bird, Klaas meet Mixas, Matteo, Mzala Wa Afrika, Tee R, Steve Paradise, Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd, La Veda, Waxfood, Yoliswa and Patrick Khuzwayo - to cut a long story short, this truly multifarious sampler lets you enjoy the many different flavors of house music in its full glory. Simply breath-taking...

Carlos Francisco featuring Anthony Poteat "El camino" (Soundmen on Wax Records CD Promo)

Soundmen on Wax have a beauty in their hands with "El camino" produced by Carlos Francisco and performed by Anthony Poteat (lyrics by Jason Gallegos). Not many words are needed to describe this soulful gem - a smoothly thumpin' organic backdrop serves as playground for the evocative spoken word poetry, lovely flute and grand jazzy keys. Nuff said.

Tapesh & Dayne S "How I do" (Smiley Fingers CD Promo)

"How I do" by Tapesh and Dayne S is a wicked track guaranteed to cause a stir on the dance floor. Dubbed as a 'tribute to the soul music of the late 60s' by the label, "How I do" is an ingenious take on the unforgettable Marvin Gaye classic "I heard it through the grapevine" - the deep moody rhythms and seductive melodies enriched with bits from the Marvin Gaye classic are spreading a mesmerizing vibe you can't resist to dance to... Lat night house music at its best.

Sahib Muhammad "I wanna say" (ITZ International CD Promo)

"I wanna say" by Sahib Muhammad is a track destined to send the crowd into a frenzy - the ruthless percussive rhythms and cleverly used vocal samples from the Loleatta Holloway classic "Love sensation" make this a sure-fire dance floor banger. The remixes are courtesy of Geoffrey C., Damond Ramsey, DJ Ant B. and the Neal 'Nasty Man' Conway all adding their distinctive touch. Generally this release is bit on the tougher side of things (at least for us here at Spirit of House), in any case you should check out Neal Conway's classy old school flavored remix which gives the track an enticing soul/funk/disco inspired feel.

Exclusive Preview: Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko "Stay" (Libation Mix)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Bob Marley "Is this love" (Mustafa Remixes)(CD-R)

It is time again to bring you our choice selection of edits and (bootleg) remixes we got in the past few days and weeks... First up we have Ian Friday adding his signature Libation touch to "Stay" from award winning artist Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko, next we have Mustafa adding his magic beautifully orchestrated touch the Bob Marley classic "Is this love". Without any doubt, both these reworkings stay true and respectful to the original yet give the song a contemporary soulful four-to-the-floor feel guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.