review logoThis weeks loaded update features lots of goodies for you to discover... enjoy !!

Dave Anthony & Beverlei Brown "Best in me" (Newtown Recordings Promo)

Undeniably, Newtown Recordings have a beauty in their hands with "Best in me" by DJ/producer Dave Anthony and songstress Beverlei Brown. Most definitely, the scrumptious "Best in me" with smooth yet intriguing afrocentric rhythms leading the way for the unrivaled tempting vocals of Beverlei Brown, luscious jazzy keys and heavenly chords is sheer musical bliss... Essential.

Objektives featuring Blaq "Ghetto" (Super Pak)(New Generation Records Promo)

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to the magnificent "Ghetto" by Objektives, a paramount production featuring absolutely resistless aftocentric rhythms, warm melodious keys and the incomparable emotive vocals of Blaq in the original version mixed by Big Moses.  Now New Generation Records present the 'Super Pak' of the song which features stunning truly eclectic remixes by the likes of Mike LaBirt, Corey Holmes, Larry Rauson Jr. and Shino Blackk all adding their signature touch, giving you plenty of choices to work the dance floor.

Chynaah Doll "You and I" (D#Sharp Records Promo)

Soon to be released on renowned D#Sharp Records is the excellent "You and I" produced by Joe Flame and performed in grand style by Chynaah Doll. Don't miss out on this gorgeous sun drenched production laced with Chynaah Doll's distinctive vocals, illustrious jazzy piano and a captivating organic musical backing. The alternate 'Joe Flame Mix' replaces the piano with lush keys and bodacious saxophone, and last but not least Blizzard Beats serves a glittering deepened interpretation that is simply mind-blowing...

ShazmicSoul featuring Sabrina Findlay "I think I'm in love" (Cool Staff Records Promo)

The latest offering from Cool Staff Records is "I think I'm in love" by South African DJ/producer Teboho 'ShazmicSoul' Maphosa, a verily soulful production using an organic gently thumpin' backdrop as foundation for dreamful melodies and the beautiful emotive vocals of Singaporean singer/songwriter Sabrina Findlay. The fantastic alternate  'Urban Mix' introduces a grand piano, and finally Tapes (Tumelo David Ranyali) contributes a splendorous classic interpretation.

Max Marinacci featuring Joydiel "Karma" (Ocha Records Promo)

Italian DJ/producer Max Marinacci makes his debut on Ocha Records with "Karma"", to cut a long story short this utterly tantalizing production featuring the unique seductive vocal stylings of Joydiel alongside galactical truly inebriant synth melodies, lovely flute and downright inexorable afrotastic rhythms is guaranteed to send the dancers into a frenzy... Nuff said...

Blizzard Beats & JustDee "Music gives me life" (Deep Fusion Records Promo)

Forthcoming to Deep Fusion Records is "Music gives me life" by Blizzard Beats and JustDee, to make a long story short this phantasmagorical uber soulful gem featuring the unmistakable deeply rooted vocals of Joseph Davis, sublime jazzed-up keys and mellifluous chords over smooth yet spell binding deeply groovin' rhythms is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine...

Kates Le Cafe featuring Ndoni "Fill me up again" (Gruv Manics Digital SA Promo)

Coming soon to Gruv Manics Digital SA is "Fill me up again" by Kates Le Cafe, beyond the shadow of a doubt this is a marvelous soulful yet enticing production fusing the inimitable haunting vocals of Ndoni with exquisite jazzy keys, celestial chords and an infectious funktified musical backing. Put differently, "Fill me up again" is a soulful gem that comes highly recommended.

K'Alexi Shelby featuring Ejaye "Rain fantasy" (Pasqua Records Promo)

Up and rising Pasqua Records continue to grace us with nothing but superb soulful house music with "Rain fantasy" by K' Alexi Shelby, a fervid yet truly soulful production fueled with the unmatched seductive vocals of Ejaye, classy saxophone, enchanting keys and relentlessly pulsating old school inspired rhythms. The 'Bang Chi Mix' gives the track a bangin' main room feel, while Justin Imperiale delivers a glamorous rendition oozing with an admirable dreamy feel.

Janice Gaines "Greatest life ever" (Junior White DJ Gospel Project #10)(Promo)

Junior White  presents the tenth installment in his 'Gospel Project' series, reworking the wonderful "Greatest life ever" by Janies Gaines (taken from the same titled long player released in October 2015), Not much needs to be said or written other than this is a glorious four-to-the-floor interpretation spreading an inspiring verily uplifting vibe guaranteed to make you yearn for more...