A truly hot selection of the latest in soulful house music... enjoy !!

Soulmagic "Someone like you" (Remixes)(Soulmagic Records CD Promo)

Undoubtedly, Soulmagic's "Someone like you" is one of the standout tracks from this years Winter Music Conference, now this wicked summery track which features cool vocals by Janus Soliaand (we should also mention the original works Alicia Meyers' classic "I want to thank you" to full effect) is ready to become the 2012 summer anthem thanks to slammin' remixes by Matt Early who contributes an uplifting soul-funk inspired version, Kings of Groove who deliver a grand latin flavored remix and finally Alfred Azzetto who turns up the heat for peak time mayhem.

Steven Stone & Wendy Lewis "New lady" (Soul Deluxe Records CD Promo)

Swiss DJ/producer Steven Stone joins forces with songstress Wendy Lewis on "New lady", a glorious soulful production using a smoothly stompin' funk soaked backdrop as playground for Wendy Lewis' deeply felt vocals, sweet guitar licks and warm melodious keys on the 'Original Mix'. The uber cool 'New Disco Mix' takes you back in time with its fresh fusion of four-to-the-floor rhythms and classy 80's inspired synth hooks - highly recommended.

Exclusive Preview: Danelle Harvey "Alright" / "Paradise" (CD-R)

We are proud to introduce you to these brand new productions by Neal Conway, the legendary composer and musician behind many of the timeless Basement Boys classics. On both "Alright" and "Paradise", he revitalizes his beloved underground flavored sound from the early 90's back, melting Danelle Harvey's unmistakable vocals with relentless percussive rhythms and delicious keys - the result is simply breathtaking. DJ Ant B of Sweat Zone Music is on remix duty, contributing intoxicating remixes for both songs guaranteed to send the crowd into a frenzy. Look out for a release coming soon...

Knee Deep "I gobedea" (The Brothers CD Promo)

In September of last year, The Brothers label kicked off a new project which consists of various single releases featuring brand new remixes of classics from the illustrious back catalogue of German production duo Knee Deep (later to be released as a full compilation as well). The latest offering brings their 2005 afro-latin summer anthem back to the dance floor, with Richard Earnshaw serving an irresistibly thumpin' rework laced with glorious keys, while the Brothers' Edi Carlucci drops a fiery jacked-up workout sure to cause a stir on the floor.

DISKOvery Today featuring Jean Honeymoon "Night & day" (Smooth Agent Records CD Promo)

"Night & day" by DISKOvery Today could first be heard on the "Smooth Agent WMC 2012 Showcase Sampler", now this beauty featuring sultry vocals by Jean Honeymoon is about to get a full release. The original version is a gorgeous jazzed-up mid-tempo affair built around broken beat styled rhythms, next we have a tasty selection of housed-up interpretations by Bruce Rodgers aka Union Effect who keeps the vibe soulful and melodious, giving you plenty of choices to work the floor. Nu Era (Marc Mac of 4hero) serves a main room favorite with his electrotastic remix while James Johnston takes the track to deeper grounds on his laidback tech-soul rework.

John Crockett featuring Samantha Faison "Boy I'm lovin' you" (Haus'Flor Records CD Promo)

It has been a while since John Crockett graced with one of his impeccable vocal productions, thankfully he is now back with the laidback "Boy I'm lovin' you" which oozes with sweet vocals by Samantha Faison and the one-of-a-kind melodious organic sound John Crockett is renowned for. On remix duty we have Pablo Martinez who delivers a beautiful classic rework and Influence Peddlers (the team of John Crockett and Luis 'Blademaster' Lopez) who give the track a deeper somewhat moody yet warm and melodious feel.

Yusuke Hiraoka "The Far East EP" (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

CyberJamz are going from strength to strength, with their latest offering being the sublime "The Far East EP" by Japanese DJ and producer Yusuke Hiraoka. Each of the five included tracks oozes with heavenly synth melodies and smooth yet spell binding rhythms, making them a choice peak for late night and early morning play as well as for chilling on the beach. These wonderful old school inspired tracks are guaranteed to bring a smile to every dancers face...

Andy Holder presents "Nuwavonic Summer Sampler" (Nuwavonic Records CD Promo)

This four track sampler lets you get a sneak tip on the upcoming releases from Andy Holder on his own Nuwavonic label in the coming weeks and months. Each of the four tracks is spreading a sun drenched feel good vibe guaranteed to cause a stir on the floor - from the orchestral jazz-funk sounds of "Essence of Jazz" over the latinesque "The carnival shake" to the afro infused "The roots of rhythm" and the deep infectious "Soultino", this is sheer musical bliss...

Winston Warrior "Keep movin'" (Dave Doyle Remix)(Dragonfruit/Vintage R&B CD Promo)

The original version of "Keep movin'" by Winston Warrior is a marvelous old school r&b inspired song taken from his critically acclaimed debut album "Lifeology 101". Dave Doyle takes the song to new heights on his soulful yet fierce four-to-the-floor interpretation, with a spell binding funk drenched backing leading the way for Winston Warrior's heartfelt vocals, lovely guitar, classic strings and grand keys, altogether spreading a feel good vibe you can't resist to dance to. Jam packed floor guaranteed.

Dena Brown "My joy" (Mantree Records CD Promo)

"My joy" by Dena Brown marks the return of Mantree Records to Spirit of House, and what a joyful journey through underground dance music this is... Dena Brown impresses with her inimitable rendition of the lyrics, while Rasmir Mantree adds his signature thrilling sounds and deep rhythms, with the result being an intoxicating gem coming in four equally great variations: the uplifting funked-up 'Joyful Mix' featuring sublime jazzy keys and celestial synths, the laidback percussive 'Mantree Mix' deepening the vibe, the fascinating 'My Nappy Afro Mix' intensifying the feel to the max, and last but not least the wicked 'My Ras Mix' getting raw'n'gritty.