Nova Fronteira - Rhodes to Rio EPAt the beginning of the millennium, multi-instrumentalist and producer Michele Chiavarini created Nova Fronteira out of his passion for latin music, particularly of Brazilian origin, with the project featuring regular guest appearances from many extraordinary musicians and singers. Right in time for the summer Olympics taking place in Brazil in a couple of days, Nova Fronteira return with the expertly crafted "Rhodes to Rio EP" loaded with nothing but the best in latin infused soulful dance music. The fabulous "The samba is waiting" is an uplifting summery anthem featuring the incredible sultry vocals of Lady Bunny, the masterly orchestrated "Jogo (rhodes to Brazil)" laced with a superb rhodes solo and vocal overdubs is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine, the dazzling "Fanatica"featuring classic vocals and grand saxophone is a celebration of the original sound of Nova Fronteira, and lastly "Seasons" remixed by Logix (aka Reggie Steele and DJ Beloved) is a super smooth and soulful yet tempting latin infused gem oozing with the beautiful haunting vocals of AdaSoul and grandiose jazzy keys.