Groove Junkies & Michele Chiavarini featuring Lee Usher - Live free & danceBeginning of the year, Groove Junkies front man Evan Landes and Michele Chiavarini blessed us with the marvelous "Play", a soulful masterpiece featuring  legendary songstress Carolyn Harding. This time around, the two team up with Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Lee Usher for "Live free & dance", a truly glamorous slice of soul infused deep sensual house music not to be missed. Three equally brilliant mixes are included in this release, each one taking you on blissful journey to the deeper grounds of soulful house music, letting you explore the unrivaled truly one-of-a-kind sound of Evan Landes and Michele Chiavarini in its full glory, not to forget to mention the amazing sultry vocals of Lee Usher.