Steal Vybe featuring Alexis Simmons - Yesterday (I'll never change)Legendary label Seasons Limited (Seasons Recordings) yet again truly bless us with an expertly crafted timeless soulful gem, for the time being exclusively available on 12" vinyl. Renowned Steal Vybe (Chris Forman & Damon Bennett) join forces with songstress Alix Simmons on "Yesterday (I'll never change)", a verily soulful yet enthralling production featuring the inimitable sultry vocals of Alex Simmons alongside lush keys, heavenly chords and an infectious lively backdrop. The 'So Seductive Mix' enriched with sublime jazzy keys oozes with an enchanting laidback truly melodious feel, not to forget to mention the stunning remixes by Jose Carretas who adds his beloved signature touch, combining the amazing vocals with illustrious keys and a rich organic musical backing.