Michael Jackson - Don't stop 'till you get enoughLast week, renowned Brazilian DJ/producer DJ Meme graced us with his stunning re-imagination of Donna Summer's paramount "MacArthur Park", this week he gives us his breathtaking interpretation of Michael Jackson's ingenious "Don't stop 'till you gent enough" taken from the seminal 1979 "Off the wall" album produced by none other than Quincy Jones. Clocking in at a full ten minutes, the 'DJ Meme Definitive Remix' truly is enthralling, always staying respectful and true to the timeless original version, putting the incredible soul/funk infused orchestration and Michael Jackson's unrivaled vocals center stage (notably this remix features vocal takes not heard on the original release) yet giving the song a modern and fresh inspiring sound. Put differently, DJ Meme's interpretation truly deserves to be called the 'Definitive Remix'.