The Funklovers featuring Meisha Moore - Scene of crime

Courtesy of Italy's The Funklovers (Fabrizio Munao, Luca Lala & Luciano Tarantino), songstress Meisha Moore and saxophone player Tiziano Di Sansa comes a real delight entitled "Scene of crime", a glamorous production oozing with lush spoken word poetry, grand saxophone, sublime jazzy keys and infectious funk soaked rhythms. From the original version over the 'Meisha Jazz Mix' featuring extra ad-libs by Meisha Moore to the superb remixes by the likes of Andrea Calabrese, BigS, Hgm & Soul'n'Vibes, Oskar Gb and Ricky Pellegrino all adding their distinctive deep/soulful touch, "Scene of crime" is sheer musical bliss. An essential slice of soulful house music by no means to be missed.