Montana & Stewart & Stephanie Cooke - Last dance

The name for newly launched Wiggly Worm Records was taken from an extract from the famous Chuck Roberts speech "Our house", describing perfectly the one-of-a-kind dance music we call 'house'. The first release on the label comes courtesy of Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart who team up with house music diva Stephanie Cooke for "Last dance", a masterly crafted soulful gem having timeless written all over that oozes with the beloved jazz infused organic sound Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart are beloved for. Not to forget to mention Stephanie Cooke's inimitable vocals, the grand keys by Bennett Holland and the sweet guitar by Rick Holmes. But this is not all as the package comes complete with stellar remixes from the likes of Ricky Inch, Echofusion and Monster Taxi (Jason Klein) all adding their signature deep/soulful touch, making it next to impossible to pick a favorite version.