Soulful Session starring Natasha Watts - So highClose to a year ago, we reviewed the seminal "The Future Divas EP 2" by Soulful Sessions (Simon 'Schooly' Phillips) which includes, amongst many others soulful gems, the masterly crafted "So high". The timeless original version built around a gentle yet spell binding backdrop oozes with the unrivaled haunting vocals of prolific singer/songwriter Natasha Watts and the keyboard wizardry of Stoyan Stoyanov - sheer musical bliss. The remixes are courtesy of Kikko Esse & Emanuele Del Carmine who contribute an uplifting rendition laced with glorious keys, funky synth solo and thrilling rhythms, and Diephuis & Eastar who give the song a summery feel on their interpretation which combines the stellar vocals with ethereal melodies and captivating percussive rhythms.