Dana Byrd - When love comes Una Mas Recordings bless us with a musical gem having timeless written all over courtesy of vocalist Dana Byrd and DJ/producer Steve Paradise. The utterly soulful "When love comes" features a masterly orchestration including keys by Francesco Signorini, bass by Federico Malaman and trumpet by Gianluca Carollo alongside the inimitable vocals of Dana Byrd. The 'Classic Mix' is a gorgeous old school inspired affair combining the emotive vocals with illustrious melodious keys and groovey rhythms, the 'Paris Mix' gives the track a more organic feel and adds a stellar trumpet solo and grand jazzy piano, and finally we have the 'Moscow Mix' which strips back the vocals and turns the song into a thrilling late night gem featuring lush keys over deep thrilling rhythms. Not to forget to mention the phenomenal breakdown that can be found in both the 'Classic Mix' and 'Paris Mix'... Essential.