DJ Man XRenowned DJ and producer Thomas L. Spiegel, a close friend of Spirit of House Chief Editor Mike Fossati who was known in the house music scene as DJ Man-X, one of the founding fathers of the Minnesota house music scene and owner of the prolific house label Deep Haven Music, passed away end of December 2012 at the age of 47. To celebrate the life and musical legacy of DJ Man-X, his partner Curtis Urbina (originator of legendary Quark Records) has put together a retrospective compilation of selected songs from the Deep Haven Music back catalogue entitled "The Vision"; beyond the shadow of a doubt this is a phenomenal collection including many of the seminal productions from the label, perfectly showcasing Thomas' visionary leadership in the house music industry. Thomas will live on forever through his music...

"I'm deeply saddened by this news… While I only met Thomas a couple of times in person when in Miami for the WMC, I'll always remember him as a truly kind and giving person - who could forget the pool parties he did for his friends during the WMC at his house… he will be truly missed…" Mike Fossati, Chief Editor, Spirit of House, December 2012

Track Listing:

  1. Carolyn Harding "All Because of You" (Scott Wozniak Remix)
  2. Big Brooklyn Red "All I Want" (Vocal Mix)
  3. Jenny Morrison "Brand New Life"
  4. KT Brooks "Joy" (Blvd. East Mix)
  5. Dave Marcus "Seven Unlimited
  6. Blvd. East "Siboney" (Main Mix)
  7. Stephanie Renee "Fever" (Vocal Mix)
  8. Arnold Jarvis "Justified" (Blvd. East Remix)
  9. Blvd. East "Mojito"
  10. KT Brooks "Love"
  11. Dave Marcus "Freeze"
  12. Sterling Ensemble featuring Mario Inchausti "Song & Rhyme" (Vocal Mix)
  13. Carolyn Harding "Be With You" (Blvd. East Main Mix)
  14. Blvd. East "Havana Blues" (Main Mix)
  15. Big Brooklyn Red "He Moves" (DJ Man-X & Woz Remix)
  16. Scott Wozniak featuring Dirty Turk "Your Unconscious Mind" (Vocal Mix)
  17. Rita Quintero "Quiero Saber" (Sterling Mix)
  18. ReelSoul featuring Damon "What Am I Supposed To Do" (ReelSoul Vocal Mix)
  19. Scott Wozniak featuring Dirty Turk "My Light" (Main Mix)
  20. Temple Dynasty "Keep Rising" (Classic Mix)