DJ Spen - Soulful stormSix years ago, DJ Spen released his debut artist album "Transitions",  now the Baltimore house music legend is about to unleash the highly anticipated follow-up. Entitled "Soulful storm", the album is packed with powerful and uplifting soulful, afro, disco and gospel house gems and includes collaborations with an illustrious list of artists such as Crystal Waters, JoVonn, Tasha LaRae, Monique Bingham, Roland Clark, David Morales, Fonda Rae, Carla Prather, Sheila Ford, Michelle John, Cornell CC Carter, Gary Hudgins, Brandon Yancey, DJ Chujo and Soulfuledge. Beyond question, "Soulful storm" is a truly awe-inspiring album perfectly showcasing DJ Spen's ingenuity and creativity.

Track list:

  1. DJ Spen & JoVonn featuring Tasha LaRae "Soulful Storm"
  2. DJ Spen, Monique Bingham & Roland Clark "The End Of It All" (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Original Mix)
  3. DJ Spen & Fonda Rae "Nobody But You" (Original Mix)
  4. Crystal Waters & DJ Spen "Party People" (DJ Spen & MicFreak Vocal Mix)
  5. David Morales & DJ Spen featuring Carla Prather "I Got The Love" (Original Mix)
  6. DJ Spen & Sheila Ford "Mr Melody" (Original Mix)
  7. DJ Spen & Michelle John "You Are My Friend" (LP Mix)
  8. DJ Spen & Cornell CC Carter "Keep Your Head To The Sky" (Original Mix)
  9. DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins featuring Brandon Yancey "Sumthin Sumthin" (LP Mix)
  10. DJ Spen & Tasha LaRae "I Wish I Didn’t Miss You" (Main Vocal Mix)
  11. DJ Spen & DJ Chujo featuring.Brandon Yancey "Perfect Timing" (LP Mix)
  12. DJ Spen & Soulfuledge "Goin’ Home To See My Savior" (Original Mix)