Ralf GUM - Never leaves you More than four years have passed since German DJ/producer Ralf GUM released his debut artist album "Uniting music", now finally the wait is over and his highly anticipated second album "Never leaves you" has arrived. Ten genuinely soulful songs can be found on this album, performed by some of the greatest vocalists: Caron Wheeler, Jocelyn Mathieu, Kafele, Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Jaidene Veda, Oluhle, Monique Bingham, Jon Pierce. From beginning to the end, this masterly crafted album is all about Ralf GUM's signature sounds, his inimitable production style and his truly sophisticated arrangements. In other words, what you get with Ralf GUM's "Never leaves you" is the finest soulful vocal house this planet has to offer. Quite simply the album of the year for us, a masterpiece by no means to be missed.