4 To The Floor presents Sub-Urban RecordsNext up in the prestigious "4 to the Floor" series is Sub-Urban Records, a New York based underground label that undeniably was one of the most seminal and consistent house music labels in garage and vocal house music history. 4 to the Floor Records pay tribute to this legendary label with this compilation loaded with an awe-inspiring selection of the labels most unforgettable gems from the likes of Key to Life, Lee Genesis, Platinum Doll, Jazz-N-Groove, Deep Zone, B.O.P., Next Phase and Mike Dunn (to name just a few), all of which stood the test of time. Most definitely, listening to these gems from yesteryear is a truly blissful trip down memory lane...

Tracklist Digital Download:

  1. 10th Street Assembly "Free Me" (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
  2. Key To Life featuring Kathleen Murphy "Find Our Way (Breakaway)" (MuthaFunkaz Found A Vocal Mix)
  3. Ch'i featuring Alison Crocket "Loneliness" (Sandy's Main Mix)
  4. Lee Genesis "Ya Can't Separate Me (Im Determined)" (Boriqua Jungle Mix)
  5. Mike Dunn presents The RC Groove Project featuring Ron Carroll "He's Gonna Make It Alright" (MD'z Original Recipe Vocal Mixx)
  6. Jazz-N-Groove featuring Mystery Marquis "Freedom" (Jazzy Groove Dub)
  7. Key To Life featuring Monica Hughes "Faithful (Is It Watcha Want)" (Michi's Fetter Filter Dub)
  8. Platinum Doll featuring PY Anderson "Let Love Live" (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)
  9. Deep Zone featuring Ceybil Jefferies "Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up!)" (The Dub Prayer)
  10. Kludo featuring J.D. Braithwaite "Love Goes On" (Dub Goes On)
  11. B.O.P. featuring B.J. Crosby "Thinkin' About You" (B.O.P Dub Mix)
  12. Mindchime featuring Yana "To Be Someone" (M-Chime Phat Vocal Mix)
  13. Next Phase featuring Helen Bruner & Terry Jones "I Ain't Got Time" (Nelson's Time Out Dub)
  14. Next Phase featuring Helen Bruner & Terry Jones "My Desire" (Lift Me Dub)
  15. Next Phase featuring Helen Bruner & Terry Jones "Piece Of Mind" (Basement Boys Vocal Mix)
  16. P.B. & Company featuring Yvonne Brown "I'm In Love" (TM Vocal Mix)
  17. Platinum Doll featuring PY Anderson "Believe In A Brighter Day" (Matty's Dub Mix)
  18. Key To Life featuring Sabrina Johnston "Forever" (New Heights Swing Mix)
  19. Reflexion featuring Laura Alford "Never Stop" (Endless Dub)
  20. Sensible House "Give A Little More" (Tribal Mix)
  21. Soul Revival featuring Capathia Jenkins "When The Spirit Moves" (Soulfuric Dub Mix)
  22. The JohNick Orchestra "The Dance" (Nicky P's Anthem Mix)
  23. Too Deep featuring Zhana "Love & Understanding" (Matty's Blues Dub)
  24. Tribute "Rain" (Club)
  25. Unifunkation featuring Alexander East "Feel Me" (TM Vocal Mix)
  26. Next Phase featuring Helen Bruner & Terry Jones "Piece Of Mind" (Basement Boys Dubstrumental)