Deepconsoul - Healing timeOne year ago, we were celebrating the marvelous "Soul Factory" album by celebrated South African ensemble Deepconsoul, now they present their follow-up album "Healing time" which is equally as impressive and includes dazzling collaborations with SoulVista, St Jovis, Mthandazo Gatya, Dindy, Decency, Denny Dugg, Komplexity, Lady LeSoul, Lera Vee, TpeeSoul, Mickey K, Eaze, Chanelle, Sakhi and Kestar alongside a stellar remix by Deepconsoul & SoulVista of "Fond of you" by St Jovis featuring Kenney Love. Without doubt, "Healing time" is a paramount album featuring seventeen expertly crafted and orchestrated verily eclectic uber soulful timeless productions each one guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. To put it another way, "Healing time" is a masterpiece.