Meisha Moore  - MooreHouse

Chicago-native Meisha Moore has been impressing us over and over again in recent years with her unrivaled truly one-of-a-kind voice, now AudioBite Soulful present the delightful "MooreHouse" project. To cut a long story short, this 39 track album is an exhaustive tribute to her music and to the many many producers and labels she has worked with over the past decade. In other words, "MooreHouse" is undoubtedly the definitive collection of the House Music of Meisha Moore, featuring all her recent and past hit singles: "Pierce me", "Scene of the crime", Neither one of us", "Tell me all about it", "Brand new day", "I just wanna dance", "I don't wanna lose your love" to name just a few. With the styles ranging from soulful over deep and peak time to main room, this album perfectly showcases the many talents of Meisha Moore.