Mwalim DaPhunkeeProfessor - DEEP Soul Chants & Hollers

Back in March of this year, we reviewed the wonderful single "The abyss" by musical genius Mwalim DaPhunkeeProfessor, now the time has come to introduce you to his phenomenal "DEEP Soul Chants & Hollers" album which takes you on a blissful musical journey you wish would never end. This exceptionally gifted, multi-talented artistblesses us with his ingenious, one-of-a-kind sound inspired and infused by various genres such as soul, jazz and funk. Each of the songs of the album lets you explore hisunique and fresh fusion of the classic house/garage sound with his signature soul-funk-jazz stylings - in other words, an ingenious seminal album having timeless written all over. Quite simply, Mwalim DaPhunkeeProfessor's music is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and make you yearn for more... Essential, by no means to be missed.