JohNick - You know how we dew... Johnny 'D' De Mairo and Nicky Palermo Jr. (better known as JohNick) are a pair of Italian-American DJ's who consider their tracks a tribute to what was before, but with a modern twist. The record that started it all for them was "Everything I got" they released under the disguise The Faces through Vibe Music in 1993. Soon after, in 1994, they launched their own now legendary label Henry Street Music and started to release their tracks as JohNick, making their Disco infused sound known to the world (it was not just Disco samples, but Disco methods they drew on for inspiration). Now, almost two decades later, BBE Records present a comprehensive retrospective of the duo's work - from the seminal "Play the world" to "Open your eyes" and "Wild kingdom", all the essential tracks they put out over the years can be found on this 22 track compilation which lets you rejoice in the timeless JohNick sound.