Arnold Jarvis - Just say it Ever since he began to write, perform and record, Arnold Jarvis, one of the true legendary voices of house music, can look back at an impressive catalogue of classics. From the beginning, he has worked with the biggest names in the industry - his debut single "Take some time out" (1987) was produced by Tommy Musto & Yvonne Turner, he collaborated with Frankie Knuckles, Robert Owens & Satoshi Tomiie on "I loved you" (1990) and worked with Kerri Chandler on "Inspiration" (1994) to name just a few. Now he presents his third full length album "Just say it" produced by none other than Shelter maestro Timmy Regisford, and what a musical treat this is... On each of the songs on the album, he impresses with his unmistakable soulful rendition of the meaningful lyrics, while thesumptuous rhythms and grandiose melodies ensure jam packed floors. A truly phenomenal album by no means to be missed.