Luchi & Raizer - EmotionsGrooveland Music are preparing the release of "Emotions", the debut long player by Brazilian duo Luchi & Raizer (formed by DJ Andre Luchi and musician Daniel Raizer). The album takes you on a blissful journey through the many flavors contemporary soulful house music has to offer (with some down tempo vibes thrown in for good measure) and features an impressive list of guest vocalists such as Carla Prather, Richelle Hick, Morris Revy and Priscila Gava alongside fellow countrymen Brazilian Soul Crew. Essential.


  1. Luchi & Raizer featuring Morris Revy "Emotions" (Original Mix)
  2. Luchi & Raizer "Stevie" (Original Mix)
  3. Luchi & Raizer featuring Richelle Hicks "Trust In Your Mind" (Original Mix)
  4. Luchi & Raizer "Naked" (Original Mix)
  5. Luchi & Raizer "Double Trouble" (Original Mix)
  6. Luchi & Raizer & BSC featuring Carla Prather "Cherish" (Original Mix)
  7. Luchi & Raizer "Wahnderful" (Original Mix)
  8. Luchi & Raizer "Special Thing" (Original Mix)
  9. Luchi & Raizer featuring Morris Revy "Greatest Part Of Me" (Original Mix)
  10. Luchi & Raizer featuring Priscila Gava "The Way I Feel" (pM.Mp Retro Groove Mix)
  11. Luchi & Raizer "Naked" (Broken Mix)