Jovonn - TimelessBack in 1990, Allen 'Jovonn' Armstrong exploded into the house music scene with "Turn and run away" released on Warner Bros. Records, ever since he has been one of the real heroes and driving forces for unadulterated underground house music. Over the years, he has produced over 500 records (many of them are all-time NYC/New Jersey house music classics), and he has been running his own well-respected record labels Godltone Records and Next Moov Records. Earlier this year he launched Body N’Deep Records, after a couple of highly acclaimed single releases he is about to drop his mind-blowing full length album "Timeless" which includes not less than twelve brand new superb productions oozing with his incomparable truly ingenious house music sound; unquestionably this album loaded with nothing but pure authentic underground house music goodness is by no means to be missed.