unknownseasonremixesJapanese electronic music label UNKNOWN season celebrate their ten year anniversary in proper style with a couple of stunning album releases: "The Best of UNKNOWN season", "The Best of SATOSHI FUMI", "The Best of Rick Wade", "The Best of Chillout" and what we present to you today: "The Best of Remixes" which is released in two parts and includes not less than fifty-three tracks. All the celebrated remixes the label has released in the past are included, as well as brand new remixes from the likes of Jimpster, Death On the Balcony, K.E.E.N.E., Hugo LX, Silvano Del Gado, Rennie Foster, Phaze Dee, The People In Fog - DJ Sodeyama, Takuya Matsumoto, Guri, Teruyuki Kurihara, Mika Blaster and Sekitova, making this a truly chameleonic and mind-boggling collection of memorable UNKNOWN season classics.

Tracklist "The Best of Remixes Part 1"

  1. Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada "Low Tension" (Jimpster Remix)
  2. SATOSHI FUMI "Celestial" (K.E.E.N.E. Venao 7am Mix)
  3. Rick Wade "Consciense" (Takuya Matsumoto's Low Position Mix)
  4. Rick Wade "Stay" (Guri Remix)
  5. Rick Wade "Gotta Have Jazz" (Mika Blaster Dub Mix)
  6. Discuji "Epidome" (Sekitova Remix)
  7. Pete Moss & Jay Hill featuring Jenna Lee "Stanna Guld" (Teruyuki Kurihara Remix)
  8. Rick Wade "Beautiful World" (Kuniyuki Remix)
  9. Rick Wade "Beautiful World" (Alton Miller Remix)
  10. Ryoma Takemasa "Deepn'" (Gonno Remix)
  11. SATOSHI FUMI "Pleiades" (Danny Moodymanc's 7th Heaven Remix)
  12. Jad Cooper featuring Jesse O "Dreamz" (Rick Wade Remix)
  13. Rick Wade "Beautiful World" (Tigerskin Remix)
  14. Luyo featuring Eric Van Aro "Shanee" (Nick Holder's In The Six Remix)
  15. Rick Wade "In The Fields" (Pablo Valentino Dub)
  16. SATOSHI FUMI "Open Sesame" (Werner Niedermeier & Gareth Whitehead Remix)
  17. Diet Music "Pacific League" (Foog Remix)
  18. SATOSHI FUMI "Toriton" (Hideo Kobayashi Remix)
  19. kokoz "Poco Muted" (YOSA Remix)
  20. Rick Wade "In The Fields" (LOFTSOUL featuring T-Roy Brixton St. Remix)
  21. Gak Sato "All Those Moments" (SEKITOVA Remix)
  22. Rick Wade "Beautiful World( Iori Wakasa Raw Dub)
  23. SATOSHI FUMI "Echo" (Rennie Foster Remix)
  24. Cherry (Teruyuki Kurihara) "Black Sea" (YOSA Remix)
  25. Chris Coco "Thee Internet" (Satoshi Fumi & Yoshi Horino Remix)
  26. Shuan Alan featuring Javonntte "There We Go Again" (Rick Wade Remix)

Tracklist "The Best of Remixes Part 2"

  1. SATOSHI FUMI "Celestial" (Death On The Balcony Mix)
  2. SATOSHI FUMI "Celestial" (Phaze Dee Remix)
  3. SATOSHI FUMI "Earth Beat" (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
  4. Rick Wade "Authentideep" (Hugo LX Twelve Hundred Mix)
  5. Rick Wade "Angry Orchestra" (Rennie Foster Remix)
  6. Luyo featuring Eric Van Aro "Shanee" (The People In Fog - DJ Sodeyama Remix)
  7. SATOSHI FUMI "Monday Trip" (Costa Vaya's Brazil Dub)
  8. SATOSHI FUMI "The Messenger" (Ian O'Donovan Remix)
  9. SATOSHI FUMI "Toriton" (Sebastien Leger Remix)
  10. SATOSHI FUMI featuring Sinsuke Fujieda "Astral" (Dan Curtin's Metamorphic Interpretation 2)
  11. Beatblocks "Waterfall" (Dazzle Drums Remix)
  12. Luyo feauring Eric Van Aro "Shanee" (Yusuke Yamamoto Remix)
  13. SATOSHI FUMI "4MM" (Iori Wakasa Remix)
  14. SATOSHI FUMI "Stay With Me" (Pete Moss Remix)
  15. 9dw "Right On" (Ryoma Takemasa Takemacycle Sloppy Drums Dub)
  16. Rick Wade "Beautiful World" (Creative Swing Alliance Remix)
  17. DJ Koutarou.A "This Is Love" (Katsuya Sano & Sancho Meiso Chaya Lo Hype Love Tom Remix)
  18. Rick Wade "Beautiful World" (Iori Wakasa Remix)
  19. SATOSHI FUMI "Pleiades" (Guri Remix)
  20. Pete Moss & Jay Hill featuring Jenna Lee "Stanna Guld" (Sid Vaga Remix)
  21. Datakestra "Distance" (SATOSHI FUMI Remix)
  22. SATOSHI FUMI "Cos-moss" (Ocean Gaya Remix)
  23. Rick Wade "In The Fields" (SATOSHI FUMI & Yoshi Horino Remix)
  24. Sekitova "Inverted Qualia" (Datakestra Remix)
  25. Gak Sato "All Those Moments" (JammHot Remix)
  26. Alton Miller, Bantu Soul "Ngizo Ku Linda" (Satoshi Fumi & Yoshi Horino Classic Remix)
  27. Jad Cooper featuring Jesse O "Dreamz" (Luzio & Takashi Kurosawa Soulful Remix)