Carolyn Victorian & DJ Oji - I can't help itEver since 2003, house music diva Carolyn Victorian and legendary DJ/producer DJ Oji have been taking us on an exhilarating musical journey with their stunning collaborations, many of which are considered seminal timeless house music classics and anthems - just think of  "Everything U want" from 2005, "Dance the night away" from 2009, or more recently "Can't stop loving you" and "Watch my step". Finally the wait for the long anticipated album is over, featuring some of their finest moments from the past as well as brand new material, with all the songs produced by DJ Oji and all vocals performed by Carolyn Victorian (you might even hear a few vocals by DJ Oji here and there as well). From beginning to the end, this is album is all about the unique and pure sound that characterizes the collaboration of this two exceptional highly renowned artists. Highly recommended.