Union Records - ADE 2K18This years ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is just around the corner, Italian label Union Records celebrate this annual extravaganza with their massive very eclectic "ADE 2K18" compilation loaded with not less than twenty definite soulful/afro-house dance floor bombs from an illustrious list of artists.Seventeen of the tracks from the likes of Mijangos & D Maestro, Cyda, Conquasso, Dom Valente, Ronald Enakadm, Eddie Amador & Dany Cohiba, Iuri Di Principe, Afro Exotiq & Kreative Nativez, Paul V, Redo Desyo, DeepQuestic, DeepSkeleTones,LeSoul WaAfrica, Shaun Ashby and SoulKiD Bdub are brand new, completing the package are three of the labels most memorable moments: "Into the Philly Sound" by Mijangos & Luis Elorza, "Organ ride" by Peppe Citarella & Davide Fiorese and "What more can I say" by Peppe Citarella & Nontu X.