Johnny D presents Disco Jamms

In a couple of weeks, BBE Records will release a Disco compilation which, in its own right, would be a rather common thing. But considering the tracks were selected by none other than Johnny 'D' DeMairo who also contributes a continuous mix to let you experience his unique style, this is going to be something truly special. This is not the regular selection of often heard, overrated or reputed to be Disco classics; what you get are the tracks that would inform Henry Street (the seminal label he set up with Tommy Musto in 1993 where the particles of classic Disco and the four-to-the-floor throb of house music were smashed together to create something new), the tracks found deep within the complex strings of its DNA, the tracks championed by Shep Pettibone on his legendary radio show on 98.7 Kiss or by underrated DJ Leroy Washington at Studio 54, or those dredged from crates across the city. Half-heard anthems from Italy tracked down through forensic research in the record shops of the five boroughs, rare dub versions of classics that you won't be finding on eBay anytime soon. Another fantastic from our friends at BBE.