Justin Imperiale - Past & Present

Since 2006 we have been following and enjoying the many musical sides of Justin Imperiale and the countless timeless releases on his Cabana Records label. Now he has released a marvelous long player entitled "Past & Present" - without the shadow of a doubt this is a phenomenal selection of songs he has done over the past years, two of which have been previously unreleased. An illustrious list of singers and musicians such as Davina, Max Paparella, Diviniti, Eddie Nicholas are featured on the album which includes both instrumental and vocal productions. Quite simply a wonderful musical journey which lets you experience Justin Imperiale's unique afro/jazz/soul/latin infused house music sound in its full glory.


  1. Justin Imperiale "Rhythm of the stars" (June 2011)
  2. Justin Imperiale featuring Davina "Movin' on" (August 2009)
  3. Justin Imperiale "Tropical jazz" (September 2011)
  4. Justin Imperiale featuring Max Paparella "Alma del sonido" (May 2012)
  5. Justin Imperiale "The sound" (August 2010)
  6. Justin Imperiale featuring Diviniti "Love can heal the world" (August 2010)
  7. Justin Imperiale featuring Eddie Nicholas "Fall in love" (May 2012)
  8. Justin Imperiale featuring Max Paparella "Carribean ride" (November 2009)
  9. Justin Imperiale featuring MJ "Everyday" (previously unreleased)
  10. Justin Imperiale "Get yours straight" (previously unreleased)