DCR100 by DJ SpenIt all started beginning of 2012 with the paramount inaugural release "My king" by Luyo & DJ Ermi, now release #100 Double Cheese Records marks the start for the labels five year celebration. They catch-up with their mentor, Baltimore house music maestro DJ Spen, who presents a fabulous retrospective of the labels illustrious catalogue with his enthralling continuous mix featuring some of the labels essential cuts, including music from the likes of Namy, Vittorio Santorelli, Luyo, DJ Romain, Spellband and many more, with a few of Luyo's best productions and remixes released through other labels such as SoundMen on Wax and Quantize thrown in for good measure. The icing on the cake is DJ Spen & Soulfuledge's jaw-dropping re-imagination of "7 mile soul" by Jodadj, one of the labels many unforgettable classic cuts.