DJ Fale - Soweto Deluxe Vol. 1

Soweto born producer DJ Fale is about to release his brilliant new studio album "Soweto Deluxe Vol. 1" through Hood Natives Productions in the coming weeks. From beginning to the end, the album lets you explore DJ Fale's unique and fresh deep house/afro-tribal inspired sound - in a nutshell, "Soweto Deluxe Vol. 1" is a truly delightful and eclectic journey through soulful South African house music. With an illustrious list of guest artists such as Thantaswa, Vucky J, Ameshai, Bellicose Sgubhu, Khwela, Free and Bophelo featured, there are plenty of vocal gems to be discovered. In other words, "Soweto Deluxe Vol. 1" is sheer musical bliss. By no means to be missed.