GoGo Music 10th Anniversary Collections

Remember the first ever release on GoGo Music back in November 2001? It was "The way love goes" by Dara Band with vocals by Michael Procter, now that ten years have passed it is time to celebrate and look back at the labels truly impressive, one-of-a-kind catalogue with the four compilations "Soul for the Floors" which contains a selection of the labels memorable vocals anthems, "Dubs for the Clubs" which contains tracks that set the floors on fire, "Tracks for the Heads" which showcases the deeper side of the label and "Visions of Musicians" which offers nothing but eclectic productions and unrivaledmusicality. Many of the songs included in these compilations have gotten our "Pick of the Week" or "Spotlight" awards in the past years, they are simply too many to mention... What we had said for many of the labels releases in the past is valid here as well: a timeless and essential release, one that is not to be missed.The first two volumes are available at your favorite digital music store now, the other two will follow in the coming weeks.